by Daisy Cutter

Last night the third Football Blogging Awards was held in the heart of Manchester and as with previous years it was as much a celebration of an ideology as bestowing plaudits on worthy winners.

Set in the stupendously impressive surroundings of the National Football Museum it was a pertinent juxtaposition of old jerseys and new media and, with hundreds in attendance, it was heartening to see every facet of the blogging community represented and honoured. From the viral behemoths such as Paddy Power to the teen who gets more retweets before breakfast than a fresh Kim Kardashian ass-shot the awards rightly take a utilitarian approach to a utilitarian phenomenon.

For anyone who’s had their nose stuck solely into the Telegraph sports pages in recent years – admittedly a slim possibility because you are, after all, presently reading this – blogging is a catch-all term used to denote webzines, podcasts, social media, forums, and viral campaigns. It gives a voice to fans, levels the playing field, and ultimately means the people’s game is informed by the people.

It has been nothing less than a media revolution – in short Russell Brand’s wet dream – and due to the brilliance, unpaid dedication, and considered knowledge of thousands of bloggers across the globe we are no longer reliant on newspapers crippled by commercial angles and piss-poor television punditry who are mainly under the misassumption their audience is made up of prepubescent Match readers with a Wayne Rooney obsession.

Better yet, in the broad scheme of things, the blogging phenomenon is only just igniting. Reflecting this the Football Blogging Awards received double the amount of votes as last year with 60,000 cast across social media for nearly 2000 bloggers and sites from 25 countries. Blogging is not going away. It is our present and our future.

The winners from each category are listed below with links provided. Some are funny; some are erudite; some are thought-provoking; all are superb in their own field.

Give them a click and check them out.

Best Established blog:

Fans choice – FootballFanCast

Judges choice – My Old Man Said

Best Young Blogger:

Fans choice – Footy Antics

Judges Choice – Football Every Day

Best Club Blog:

Fans choice – Addicted to Spurs

Judges Choice – Sky Blues Blog

Best Female Blogger:

Fan Choice – The Liver Bird

Judges Choice – Yes I Can Explain the Offside Rule

Best Video Blog:

Fans choice – The Redmen TV

Judges choice – STR Skill School

Best New Blog:

Fans choice – Anfield HQ

Judges choice – The Football History Boys

Best Podcast:

Fans choice – A Bergkamp Wonderland

Judges choice – Wolves Fancast

Best Social Media Channel:

Fans choice – The SPORT Bible @TSBible

Judges choice – USA Soccer Guy @USASoccerGuy

Best Gambling Blog:

Fans choice – Paddy Power

Judges choice – Unibet

Best Fantasy Premier League Blog:

Fans choice – Fantasy Football Pundits

Judges choice – Fantasy Football First

Best Forum:

Fans Choice – GrandOldTeam

Judges choice – MCFC Forum