The Cutter would like to wish its readers a very merry Christmas and offer a sincere thank you for everyone who has read our witterings and interacted with us on Twitter.

This year the site has experienced something of a resurrection and most of that has been down to our brilliant contributors and, well, you.

We’ve fought some worthy fights, published content we’ve extremely proud of, and been fortunate enough to interview a wide range of people from the football world and beyond.

We’ve got some exciting plans for 2015 but that’s for another day. For now godspeed and we hope your team triumphs on Boxing Day to complete the perfect Christmas.

The Cutter is closing up shop for a few days to get stupidly drunk, eat far too many mince pies, and watch several Bond films.

There are however a plethora of ace articles and features to enjoy from our archives in the meantime.