Kevin Henning comes to the defence of a young ambitious player getting pulled in every direction.

Phil Neville is the latest, informing the QPR youth graduate that he wouldn’t play ahead of Aguero at City, Sanchez at Arsenal nor Rooney at United. No Phillip, had there only been one shirt available at Liverpool last season, he wouldn’t have played ahead of Luis Suarez either. The point you seem to be forgetting is that there are eleven starting berths in every Premier League team.

Sterling has quite rightly stated that his desire is to win trophies. He played a huge part in Liverpool’s title tilt last season. A campaign that saw the red men come closer to becoming Champions of England than they have in the last quarter of a century. Since then, he has seen their only true world class player up sticks and leave for guaranteed silverware in Catalonia, his manager fail to see that replacing him with Mario Balotelli might not work, Steven Gerrard deteriorate at an alarming rate and Liverpool fall from top of the league at the premature crowning of the Champions last April (fools) to fifth in the league exactly a year later. He’ll already know that Fernando Torres left Liverpool and despite largely failing at Chelsea, won the Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup at Stamford Bridge. Without huge investment, Liverpool will not be troubling Mourinho’s Champions elect, a City without restriction from Platini and the buffoons of UEFA, a resurgent United nor a self sufficient Arsenal who have signed the players that Liverpool dream of over the last couple of years.

Jamie Carragher has told the England starlet that his interview was ill-judged and naive. Well if we’re talking naive, telling the world that a player is “the best young player in Europe” and then being surprised when he demands the best pay for a young player in Europe is an own goal to match any of Carragher’s for the Anfield club.

Carragher also reminded Sterling of the plight of Shaun Wright Phillips in a ridiculous attempt to compare the two situations. Shaun Wright Phillips never wanted to leave City and was in tears when told the club could go bust if he turned down a move to Chelsea. He spent three seasons at Stamford Bridge, playing in three quarters of their league games in each season, winning every domestic honour available before finally returning to a more balanced City in 2008. The Liverpool legend finishes the warning by stating that SWP struggles to get a game for QPR these days as if the move to Chelsea is responsible. No Jamie, he stayed at City for three years in his second period and we’re now almost at the end of his fourth with the Hoops. He’ll be 34 in October and that is the prime reason that a winger who relied mostly on pace throughout his career is perhaps not a regular starter now.

I won’t get into the wise words of Harry Redknapp. The man who has twice been responsible for QPR being relegated and hilariously claimed a knee operation was the reason for his resignation rather than the fact that despite having one of the biggest wage bills in England, he couldn’t use his legendary motivational management style to keep Rangers out of the bottom three.

Raheem Sterling has no reason to show Liverpool any more loyalty than he already has. It was they who wanted to negotiate a new contract despite him having two and a half years left on his current deal. He isn’t a scouser and wasn’t born when Eric Bristow, Durham Wasps, Big Daddy and Liverpool dominated British sport. He’ll do what Suarez, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres and others have done before him and leave if he feels he’ll achieve more elsewhere and nothing the Scouse mafia say or do will change that.