Induction into Wimbledon’s famed ‘Crazy Gang’ was designed to either make or break a player. As Vinnie Jones once said, “You either grew a backbone very quickly or you dissolved as a man”. The antics are legendary and remain to this day a little unsettling with new signings forced to eat sheep’s testicles and having their possessions burned. Most couldn’t take it and swiftly sought out the exit door. Others such as Lawrie Sanchez and Andy Thorn took the flak and came back smiling forging a band of brothers that shook the world at Wembley and regularly upset the odds with a direct and combative style of football that has since gone down in folklore.

It is hard to imagine anyone from the modern era excelling in such a barrack-room environment. Wolfing down sheep’s knackers instead of a carefully prepared plate of carbs aimed to replenish muscle glycogen and approved by several leading nutritionists would probably prompt a release clause in their contract. While even a slight singe on their Gucci washbag would result in tears.

Yet there is one player from the modern namby-pamby era who a former Don (and present day England assistant coach) believes would have easily coped in the primal confines of the Crazy gang changing room. Ex-Wimbledon player Ray Lewington, speaking exclusively to Kevin Clarke, winner of the Carlsberg People’s Pundit, picked out Wayne Rooney as the one Premier League superstar would could go back in time and give Fash the Bash and co a run for their money.

“At least he’d give back to them what they give to him! There would have been plenty of stick going round that’s for sure. But I see Wayne as one who could give some back as well.”

It’s a decent shout to be fair; love him or hate him Rooney has never shirked a challenge in his life while even a knock out blow in his kitchen is subsequently laughed away.

But has Ray missed anyone else out? Who do YOU think from today’s crop of multi-millionaires could have hacked it in the Crazy Gang? Let us know on Twitter @TheDaisyCutter1

Interview conducted for talkSPORT by Kevin Clarke, Carlsberg People’s Pundit Winner. The Carlsberg Fan Squad are all about making football better for fans, that’s why if Carlsberg did pundits they’d be fans like Kevin. Carlsberg are the official beer of the England Team, follow them at @CarlsbergFooty