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Tiggs Da Author is a soul artist ready to explode who effortlessly merges vintage with the new then twists it up again just when you think you have a handle on him.
The songwriter from east London has a voice like an idling Mustang and Georgia, his new single, has been played to death in the Cutter office evoking as it does summer sunshine and that feeling you have when it emerges from the clouds.

Tiggs is not only partial to reinventing genres however; his other passion lies up north at Old Trafford with a lifelong love of Manchester United.

We caught up with the Tanzanian-born star-in-the-making to discuss a forthcoming concept album and Paul Scholes…

DC: You’ve got such a unique, distinctive voice. When did you first become aware of it?

TDA: When I started writing demos for people and their managers got back to me saying they wanted to keep me on the choruses. That’s when I really started to realise people liked it.

DC: That’s quite late to make such a discovery. Did you sing as a kid?

TDA: I never used to sing much as a kid. I’d just sit around with my sisters and they didn’t like it that much.

DC: What’s your connection to Sway?

TDA: Sway is the person who gave me my first breakthrough. I was in the process of doing some demos for people and he happened to be at the studio where I was recording. He played me a song and asked if I could think of any ideas for it. I recorded a hook for him and we ended up shooting a video for it.

DC: You left Tanzania as a child. What do you remember of the place?

TDA: I just remember it being very hot. I still go back there every year and it’s a beautiful place – depending on where you go. I used to live on the coastline near to the beach.

DC: With Georgia and your debut EP you’re creating a real buzz. How aware of that are you?

TDA: People get in touch with me on Twitter and tell me how much they like the song so I’m pretty aware. I can definitely feel it but I’ve also got a long way to go. I want people to see me live and start giving them everything I have and show them the whole picture.

DC: What can we expect from your debut album?

TDA: You can expect a lot of up-tempo music, fun and witty lyrics but also songs with a lot of political undertones. And it’s going to be a concept album, a story from the first song to the last.

DC: What is the concept going to be or is it a secret at this point?

TDA: It’s a bit of a secret but I can tell you it’s influenced by the Dapper Rebels who were a rebel group in the late sixties in LA after the Watts riots.

DC: Your love of old school jazz and soul shines through in your music. If you could only sing one song to win a woman’s heart which would you choose?

TDA: Whitney Houston (laughs). But I wouldn’t sing it, I’d just play it to them.

DC: Moving on to your other love, football: As a Manchester United fan are you pleased with the transfers made so far this summer?

TDA: I think Depay is going to come good. He’s definitely got some goals in him. I love the fact that we have Schweinsteiger in midfield. He’ll bring all his experience there and that’s exactly what we need. Schneiderlin was great last season while the right-back Darmian was solid in the first game. He impressed me.

DC: Do you need another striker?

TDA: We really do. Another striker capable of getting twenty goals a season. Let’s say Rooney gets injured then we’ve only got Chicharito left.

DC: Can you challenge for the title this year?

TDA: I think we can. People are under-estimating our team and we can honestly challenge. We just need to be in or around the top four at Christmas then we can come good.

DC: Who is your all-time United idol?

TDA: Paul Scholes. He was the greatest to me and the best centre mid I’ve ever seen. Apart from his tackling but that almost made me like him even more.

DC: What’s your favourite game?

TDA: Probably Bayern Munich in 1999. I just didn’t think it was going to happen. I was at home with my cousin and I went over the top with my celebration.

DC: What’s been your worst experience as a Red?

TDA: When David Moyes was there. It was hurting me every day. Just killed me inside. We under-performed so much under Moyes. I don’t necessarily think he’s a bad manager; it was just too hard a job at the time.

DC: Imagine the scenario – You’re at Old Trafford and they play Georgia at half-time. How would you react?

TDA: I’d go crazy! I’d probably run onto the pitch. They would have to chase me and drag me off.

DC: Are you a decent player yourself?

TDA: Yeah. I used to play for Gravesend and Northfleet as a winger and sometimes striker.

DC: Do you still play much today?

TDA: Only with my mates. We’ll meet up and have a seven-a-side game.

DC: Are you the best player?

TDA: Yeah (laughs) I’d like to think so.

Check out Tiggs’ massive new single Georgia below….