Leicester’s incredible campaign to take home the Premier League trophy was nothing short of a miracle, inspiring a nation and giving everyone a much needed lift. Although everyone was wishing they got in on the Leicester City Odds that were offered at the start of the season, Twitter was still on fire from the moment Leicester looked like serious contenders with the strange event providing plenty of material for the Twittersphere.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favourite Leicester tweets throughout the season. Take a look below.


He’s got a point… This is obviously the only feasible way that Leicester could’ve pulled this off. Get the drug testers in!


Much like half the country (and 99% of all Chelsea fans) Dara O’Brien is loving his ‘conveniently’ timed choice to support Leicester City.


Just admit it, everyone has taken a team from divison 2, signed Messi and won the Champions League, but this guy’s convinced the big man had a hand in this one.


I don’t think anyone can genuinely say they thought Leicester were anything more than a bottom half team at the start of the season, and neither does Zack by the sounds of it.


Although our friends from across the pond all seem to be jumping on the football train, they still don’t quite seem to get it…


I think it’s fair to say that this sums up Ranieri pretty well. He doesn’t seem to know his ear hole from his… well you know, but somehow he still managed to pull this one out the bag.


Fuch’s video of the Leicester players celebrating at Vardy’s house was ridiculous, but given his reputation I think Michael might have a point here.


We can all agree that 2016 is a year in which the world (and the premier league table) officially got turned on it’s head.


Harry Kane’s super cringey tweet of a pack of lions (symbolising Spurs hunting down Leicester) seemed to spark a turn in Tottenham’s fortunes, but Vardy’s timely post of Mufasa falling off a cliff was a perfect way to celebrate becoming champions.


And last but not least, Gary Lineker hopelessly landing himself in it before Christmas when no-one thought Leicester could actually keep it up. Time to get in shape Gary!