Tottenham supporters were left absolutely raging with the first half display from Christian Eriksen against Manchester City in their Champions League clash on Tuesday.

The Danish maestro, usually one of Spurs’ top performers, was panned by fans on Twitter, primarily for his inability to deliver a decent ball from his set pieces.

The Daisy Cutter has singled out some of the Tottenham faithful’s angriest tweets:

It must be said, if you are hitting Raheem Sterling – who is the only man in the wall – from your set pieces, you are doing something very, very wrong. For a man of Eriksen’s quality, this is unacceptable and you can understand why the Lilywhites are getting so riled up by what they are seeing.

What has happened to the Danish maestro? Once one of the most feared set piece takers in the Premier League, his fans are now calling him a fraud and considering his recent performances from dead balls, it is hard to argue with them. The quality is there, he has shown that so many times, so could it be a confidence thing?

This perhaps sums it up best. The Tottenham faithful have become expectant of Eriksen letting them down. A serious fall from grace for one of Spurs’ most talented stars.