With the process unfolding before our eyes it is very difficult to accurately predict the extent to which clubs will be impacted by the season’s suspension. While we see financial results each season, differing ownership models and spending models mean we cannot get a full understanding.

As a result predicting how the transfer market will unfold this summer on the Efirbet website is almost impossible, but it is probably safe to assume that in general, less big business will be done. One club that you would think will be disadvantaged by this fact are Arsenal, who have experienced one of their worst seasons in recent memories. Meanwhile, they are in difficult territory with regards to the contracts of some of their key players and have underperforming players that have proved difficult to shift of the wage bill.

With this all taken into account you might expect more of the same next season, with Mikel Arteta hamstrung by a misbalanced squad and a lack of quality in key positions. However, there are some areas in which the Gunners may actually benefit from the lockdown.

Firstly, the 2019-20 was a complete bust and the sooner it is forgotten the better. The gap provided by the lockdown will actually help distance the group from their past failings and should allow the new boss to fully exert his authority over the group. Before any football is played, clubs will likely get a mini pre-season, and this will be of huge benefit to the Spaniard.

Secondly, Arsenal do have a group of talented young players that can be relied on if the transfer market becomes stagnant. While some clubs will have very few options if they cannot go into the market, Arsenal can look internally for solutions better than most. This is not to say the Gunners do not need reinforcements. They very much do. But when compared with some of their rivals, they have more and better talent coming through.

The situation as a whole remains a nightmare, but moving forward it is best the club tries to find the positives.