Dear Scum: An Open Letter To The Sun

An example of one of the many shocking but tactful images used across the media yesterday.

Dear Scum,

At the time of writing this – 1am on Sunday morning – a 23 year old professional footballer is critically ill in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital. With every passing hour there is tentative hope although I have also read reports this evening stating that only a small percentage of individuals who require such resuscitation survive. I am fearful of the worst and fully expect to wake tomorrow to the news that Fabrice Muamba – an England Under-21 captain, father to a young boy, and someone widely said to be one of the nicest guys in football – has died.

Even this awful situation however is preferable to earlier when people were understandably under the assumption that he already had. 41 minutes into Bolton’s FA Cup tie with Spurs the midfielder collapsed to the turf and he stopped breathing. On several further occasions his heart failed and it is only due to the incredible work of the medical staff on hand that there is still a chance he may yet recover.

For such a terrible fate to befall a fit and healthy Premier League footballer during a match – and live on television no less – was obviously an extremely newsworthy circumstance. Those watching on ESPN looked on aghast, sharing the same sickening sense of helplessness that was evidently felt so acutely in the ground itself by both sets of supporters. Those without access to the channel hurriedly tuned into radio stations and clamoured onto social network sites and forums, to hear of developments and share their distress. As Rodney Marsh so succinctly put it on Twitter, the football family held its breath while up and down the country households discussed the horrifying events that were unfolding.

Many people prayed – religious or not – and there was a desperate collective will for the player to be okay. The reports however were not encouraging.

With the match rightfully abandoned and with no further visual aids the concerned public turned to other media sources to find out whatever we could, namely your own website, the BBC and Daily Mail websites, Sky Sports News and Radio 5.

The BBC updated its coverage minute-by-minute and did so in the sensitive and mature manner you would expect from them. They ran these updates beneath an archived photograph of the player.

The Mail’s piece contained pictures of the player receiving medical treatment – as did the Telegraph’s online news site – but crucially the stricken Muamba could not be seen through the huddle of doctors and medics. Additionally there were images of team-mates consoling each other and players praying on the pitch.

Covering such an awful occurrence – where a man’s life hangs in the balance – is, I should imagine, a delicate balancing act between providing a comprehensive account of what has happened and displaying suitable tact and discretion.

After all there will be many people who personally know the man. And with him being a famous footballer there will be many, many more who feel they know him. These individuals would be amongst the readers – his son perhaps, certainly his extended family and friends – desperately seeking out any news or statements, assurances or gut-wrenching confirmations from your sites.

Seeing their father, son, cousin, childhood friend, the player who once signed your shirt outside the Reebok Stadium, prone and possibly dead would be horrifying.

With this in mind I personally believe the BBC, the Mail and ESPN – who undoubtedly was under the most scrutiny of all – trod this delicate line of taste well all things considered.

I had no right to see that and you certainly had no right to publish it.

You however….and why is it always you?…..decided to dispense with basic human decency and go down the sensationalistic route. With Fabrice Muamba still en route to the hospital – and widely presumed deceased – you published a large clear photograph of the player prostrate on the floor. His eyes looked shocked and confused.

I had no right to see that and you certainly had no right to publish it.

So why did I click on the link after being told by a stranger online that you had indeed printed a photograph in the worst possible kind of distasteful intrusion?

Because despite knowing for 37 years what a vile amoral publication you are – capable of the grossest acts of bullying, cruelty, lies and bile – I still couldn’t quite believe that you had the sheer gall to do so again.

Because it is fair to say that you have form here.

Your rag of sauce and hatred is still not bought in the Merseyside area twenty-three years after you ran with one of the most infamous and disgraceful untruths in the history of the British media. Four days after 96 football supporters were crushed to death at Hillsborough, and with a nation still numbed by shock and grief, you decided to splash ‘The Truth’ across your front page above sick and falsified claims that were anything but. Alleging in that sensationalistic way of yours that pertains to fact that fans picked the pockets of the dead, beat up a police constable who was attempting to give the kiss of life, and urinated on ‘brave cops’ you then vehemently stood by these surreal and outrageous falsehoods for many years. This caused not only intense pain and hurt to the bereaved and a city in need of comfort but also significantly derailed a fight for justice that continues to this day.

It polluted minds and ruined lives, a signature move of yours that once again made a mockery of your self-built image of being the paper of the common man. It’s a dichotomy that never fails to amaze – that you place such stock in representing the very people you quite evidently view as worthless scum. Us. The British public.

In 2005 your managing director Graham Dudman described it as ‘the worst mistake in our history’. This followed a front page apology that could well have been mumbled from a petulant teen. With no genuine remorse you intimated that the protracted ill-feeling in the north-west was orchestrated by the Trinity Mirror owned local press and pointed out that your editor – Rebekah Wade – was a 20 year old student at the time of the tragedy. ‘Time to move on’ you said. And with that Wade did move on. To resigning in the wake of the hacking scandal that appalled the nation and wider world.

We’re starting to see a pattern here irrespective of who sits behind the big chief’s desk. Whether it’s the odious MacKenzie or the satanic Murdoch, the common denominator is always you, the ‘super soaraway’ Sun.

With your tits and lies and your cheeky facade hopelessly failing to mask a pious debasing rhetoric you have been a virulent disease in this country since 1963. In human form would any of your readers befriend you? Or would they see you for the spiteful, evil, rotten-to-the-core entity you truly are?

Was there any regret for your actions? Evidently not considering your decision today.

Your half-arsed and insulting apology for your Hillsborough fabrications came soon after you were the only newspaper to print a full and clear image of the stricken body of Marc-Vivien Foe as he lay dead on a pitch in Lyon, France. On international duty for Cameroon the 28 year old Manchester City midfielder suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed onto the turf.

City and West Ham fans – who thought the world of MVF – woke to see him deprived of dignity and splashed across your front page. His eyes looked shocked and confused.

Again you received widespread condemnation for doing this.

Was there any regret for your actions? Evidently not considering your decision today to once again prioritise numbers over decency by showing in graphic detail what might yet be the last moments of a young man’s life.

Being embroiled at the centre of the hacking scandal and the consequent Levison Enquiry it was hoped that you might change your ways. Hangdog contriteness by your owner and others in light of the shocking revelations suggested you might at least pretend to have a shred of value if only for a short while.

But we were idiots for even contemplating this weren’t we? Scum is scum and always will be. It is embedded in your DNA.

There is no doubt in my mind however that the tide is turning and though you might still reside folded on the dashboard of a considerable number of white vans the people of this country now demand and expect something that you are innately incapable of supplying in our media: decency. Just that. Basic human decency.

And should you ever fall – and please God make that day soon occur – and there is footage on the news of your HQ being emptied of boxes and staff I hope with every fibre of my being that I witness someone – whether it be a journalist or executive – walk down the steps into the evening light with a certain look on their face. For their eyes to look shocked and confused.

Yours Sincerely

Daisy Cutter


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  1. Thank you

    • Im a 55 year old man who cried like a baby at what happened at White Hart Lane yesterday I am also a Veteran of Hillsborough where as we all know we lost 96 Brothers and Sisters and to this day it still affects me and many other. Have THE SCUM not learned from their terrible mistakes and lies from then obviously not YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND NOW I HOPE ALL TRUE FOOTBALL FANS DO LIKE WE ON MERSEYSIDE ADVOCATE DON’T BUY THE SCUM !!!!!. Fabrice Muhamba YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE

      • From a man united fan. I totally agree. Thoughts go out to muamba and son and family.

        • From a Sunderland fan…I soooo agree with everyone’s comments,but they will continue to spew out their bile as long as people buy the rag

      • well said totaly with u fabrice muhamba you,ll never walk alon

    • Well I could not have said it better my self, a wonderful piece of writing on one for the most vile papers of our time.
      Lets face it the sun is shit and always as been!!!!

    • well said and agree with every word

      • i will not buy this paper again

    • just dont buy it ever

      • no need to wait for moderation lets all stop buying this comic

    • Very,very,very wise words! Lets hope that one of the idiots that work at their toilet paper making factory (and thats been kind) reads this. Its a shame trees are cut down and its made even worse that the Scum is printed on the paper.

    • Having experienced the trauma of a loved one suffering a cardiac arrest and the terrible consequences for our family, I cannot imagine having to also see pictures of this event being made public…Shame on you Sun !

  2. a great piece.

  3. Ditto that sentiment all day long. Sub human scum.

  4. this lot will never learn…

    • they don’t want to…they know exactlty what they’re doing

  5. Great letter!! YNWA

    • Comment Well said. Hopefully, Levinson will expose enough of their dirty laundry to force Murdoch to send the S** the same way as the unlamented NotW

  6. Well Done, great piece, well written

  7. I believe everyone I know would agree with every senitment of this letter. Is it not time that the presses of The Sun newspaper were shut down and their so called journalists were placed on a uninhabited island, so the only people that they could spread their filth to was each other!

  8. Ditto that ‘The Sun’ is a (news?)paper we could all do without. Shame on them, as it has always been.

    Shame on you too for piggybacking the awful plight of this young man & linking it to totally unrelated events twenty odd years ago for your own personal reasons. God knows why, I’m guessing you’re a Liverpudlian/catholic, but I don’t much care.

    Move on…..put this shit to bed finally for all our sakes. This kind of catholic raking over the past or preferably, it seems, never burying it in the first place is incredibly tiresome, very morbid & two-faced.

    In fact your own words brilliantly describe not only the tabloid press but also the catholic church in being a “facade hopelessly failing to mask a pious debasing rhetoric you have been a virulent disease in this country since 110 AD” Only the dates have been changed to protect the guilty & the guilty

    Shit happens & life goes on….just as it should. You rise above it, just as you should. You stop going on about it, just as you should.

    But you don’t.

    Let our thoughts be with the man of the moment & widh him all the very best.

    • The article is about a pattern of venal behaviour by the Sun. To demonstrate a pattern, it’s necessary to highlight its parts and how they are linked. This is why the article references several examples of how the paper has behaved over the years. Does that help you to understand?

      And, really, what on earth would Catholicism have to do with any of this?

      • Well said Karen.

      • well said there is no religious link to the piece just examples of the horrific reporting of the paper from the past

    • you do know that Liverpool FC is the protestant football club of Liverpool, don’t you? Quite why you are bringing Catholicism into this debate is slightly baffling.

      • Religion plays NO PART in football in the city of Liverpool.

      • there is no religious divide between everton and liverpool, so no club is either the catholic or the prosedant club here

      • Liverpool and Everton were founded by protestants but both have catholic and protestant support.

        This letter to the vile rag that pretends to be a newspaper is a reminder to the Murdoch family that its now time to close the bastard son of the NOTW that buried itself a few months back.

    • Let It Be. Not only do you make nonesensical statements on separating p[ast from present and launch a religeously biggotted tirade, but you do it behind a nom de plume, evidencing yourself to be a coward as well.

    • You don’t have to be a Catholic or a Liverpool fan to detest this rag.

    • whats with the religion bit ??

    • This wasn’t an article about Fabrice Muamba, but an article highlighting the obscenities committed by the S** over the years. I therefore don’t understand why you have taken issue with the inclusion of the Hillsborough coverage?

      And to be frank, your accusation that the coverage of Muamba’s tragic condition is unrelated to the coverage of Hillsborough is staggering when I consider that you have mentioned religion in your reply! I have no time for organised religion of any sort but fail to see any connection between Fabrice Muamba or the contents of this article to the Catholic church!

      If you have a problem with religion then tackle it directly, not via an interesting article discussing the (lack of) morals of the S**.

    • I just had to reply to ur comments and let u know that I agree with what u say 100$ Yes Hillsborough was a tragedy and yes we all hope and pray that Muamba makes a speedy recovery but to use this type of event to get onto ur own personal soapbox and start spilling all this bile is as sick as those for publishing the picture in the first place. x

    • You are an idiot.

    • And shame on you for piggybacking on this piggybacking. How did you manage to even get to catholic’s here?

    • Commentlives r lves no matter what and 96 of them lost theirs i hope ur never in the position were u lose someone u love because u wil then feel the hurt it causes .not matter how many years pass the hurt is still the same, people telling lies about a situation only makes it hury more so shit happens u say wonder if u say that the first time u lose someone u love . maybe u work for the scum newspaper? all i no is u should do u,d fit in well .

    • May i suggest you have an agenda in your post regarding religion. This is not the place for such views mate.

      I know the writer of this article and he has no strong religious views.
      You have misinterpreted both the focal point and reasoning behind the view givin in this article.

      A brilliant reflection on the growing discontent and distaste for this excuse for journalism daisycutter.

      Get well soon Muamba.

    • could you please publish your details so everyone knows just who is telling the survivors and those affected by Hilsborough to “Move on…..put this shit to bed finally for all our sakes.” rather than hiding behind a pseudonym (I’m assuming you’re a Mancunian/protestant) – and please, “for all our sakes” stop bringing religion into football. We get it, you dont like catholicism, but that has absolutely nothing to do with football. ‘Raking over the past’ is a way of justifying the vitriol hurled at the S*n “newspaper” to point out that this isnt the first time they have done something so callous and disgraceful, you are clearly an uneducated religious zealot with your own agenda and have no place in this comment board.

    • quite BRILLIANT – Bravo !

    • I’ll tell you what dickhead would you move on if your son or daughter had died at a football match , my guess is that your a TORY FROM MIDDLE ENGLAND WHO HAS NOT ONE SHRED OF COMPASSION IN YOUR BODY .

    • Well said I echo your thoughts 100%. It
      s time to move on

    • You are even worse than the scum paper,u are the worse kind of sectarian bigot that exists in the world today,where are u getting Catholicism from this piece,How dare you presume that the author of this letter is Catholic,The world can do without your like too,This writer who is totally unknown to me has not brought any form of religion into the piece,It is you “who I can only presume to be a rangers supporter” sic , Dont ever presume you know who a person is or their religion and dont try to take the focus off the scandal that is the sun newspaper

  9. Brilliant letter. As an LFC supporter of many years, I see hope in words you put across here that football supporters can unite to see the end of that disgusting rag that, as you have stated, has no respect for anyone.


    • Great piece.the lies about Wales/ Cardiff fan killed at wembley finished me with it.reporting that it was a swansea/cardiff issue with Welsh fans fighting each other.turned out the convicted guy was an English villa retraction ever printed

  10. Thank you for writing so eloquently. I’m a Bolton fan and would never buy the Sun because of Hillsborough as I believe football fans should stick together. The Sun is the scum of the earth !

  11. Very good letter, but your wasting your breath they will never change there ways. They will always be scum as long as idiots keep on buying what they call a newspaper. YNWA

  12. Thank you. Words I have been saying for years. You have said it way better than I ever could.

  13. Well said, well written, well presented article. All it lacked was an appeal to those still buying this sad excuse for a fish n chip wrapper to STOP BUYING the vile “comic” thus allowing it to go out of business and into the annuals of history!

    • Those who buy these vile rags or subscribe to any of Murdoch’s offerings such as Sky, are as bad if not worse than the scum that own and run them.

      After witnessing the horror of the Milly Dowler phone taps, the fact that Murdoch was so easily able to dupe everyone by closing down the NOTW and so soon starting a “new” Sunday paper with the same faces, says just as much about the selfish fickleness of the Murdoch empires subscription, as it does about the duplicious arrogance of the owners.

      I for one, never have and never will subscribe to the scum rag or any of Murdoch’s ventures including Sky. Shame on those that continue to do so in spite of what we now know about these monsters.

  14. No one has to read nor buy the paper/ no paper in the world is whiter than white. I have been praying for Muamba and don’t really want to look at sickening pictures but Daisy Cutter you clearly have to much time on your hands.

    • A brillian priece, very well written. We all agree with each word written, to those who write you have to much time on your hands… remember, they had the time to look up the article, read it and comment. Tell me again who had to much time on there hands. Get well soon Fabrice

    • In fairness, whats wrong with someone taking an hour or two to voice their opinion on something they feel passionate about? Look at the hours people spend trawling the internet reading absolute tripe or posting silly status update on social networking sites (me included from time to time, admittedly). I found this piece interesting, well written and thought provoking. I think alot of people feel the same way about this particular newspaper.

  15. Entirely fitting and right in every way. Excellent work.

  16. Ah, right, I feel deep sympathy with this rant, and I think it is well considered. You really have it going on here, I was pretty angry after reading it, and I already loathe, detest and despise the Sun and have done since I was a child.

    So, I Hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive for what I am about to say, berate me if you must, for my cynicism draws itself into play here…

    People buy this never to be sufficiently damned rag and it makes money for the Murdoch Empire. Sometimes I am ashamed of humanity and I think we should not, as Douglas Adams would have had it, come down from the trees.

    Please, if I have upset you more, accept my sincerest apologies. I think that truth comes from the white hot crucible or argument, and I hope you can what I have said in that spirit.

  17. Nothing suprises me any more with that rag.

    • the sooner news international and the murdochs are hounded out of this country the better,they cheat,they lie,they are corrupt.they have no compassion whatsoever for this family or wold not have published the photo.

  18. WOW.. what a fantastic read, well done. Thank God someone else has the sence to see the s*n for what Liverpool fans have known for the last 23yrs… Wow Thank You. YNWA #JFT96

  19. They surpassed themselves yesterday. They managed to print a picture of Liam Kelly celebrating his cup final victory for Kilmarnock yesterday, minutes before he discovered his dad was being given cardiac massage on the touchline at Hampden. His dad subsequently died. They thought they’d run with player celebrating win picture.
    Truly Staggering. Scum of the lowest form.

  20. They will never learn scum ynwa

  21. Brilliantly written, sadly so true.

  22. Outstanding article. I have shared this with everyone I know.

  23. in its defence…..The Sun does have the best tits.

    • And you personify them.

      • Nice one Big Phil. Justice for the 96.

      • well said Phil !!

    • ….and you have just proved you are one!!!

    • In the dictionary under “inappropriate”…
      As far as the open letter and the conduct of The Sun goes can anyone truly say they’re surprised? As for the future, the paper buying public now has a clear choice: stop buying it or accept that more of the same is inevitable and face up the the fact that if you but The Sun you are complicit in its atrocious behaviour. Personally, I cannot see how nayone with even the merest shred of human decency would even take such a photograph, let alone publish it. Modern DSLR cameras have a handy “delete” function. If only the same were true of The Sun.
      Rant over.

  24. Great piece. For me, the Sun represents the very worst that British culture has to offer. It speaks for a mythical demographic that has never existed in England.

  25. A very good ‘open letter’ and I agree with most of its content. There are two clanging errors though – the News of the World didn’t hack Millie Dowler’s phone (it was a lie by The Guardian) and the BBC is the biggest bunch of left leaning, two-faced lying twats in Britain today.

    • TheMan
      You are factually incorrect re Millie Dowlers phone. The NOW did hack her phone but according to the Met were ‘unlikely’ to have deleted messages as the Guardian alleged.
      Not much of a left wing conspiracy there!

  26. what can I say to these truthful letter towards to most sadistic horrible person taking over the media and feeding us with lies. I do not nor will not understand why people still buy the Sun.

    I have convinced many friends who are not football supporters to buy anything but the Sun or sisters companies papers and will always do so.

    I DO NOT buy sky sports or films because of Murdock. I truly hope that this goes viral and many many people read what you have to say and the3n hopefully understand that the Scum only wants their money & they don’t care who they hurt on their way to the next sale.

    We as people on the Social world web being brought closer together can put a stop to the Scum but only we we keep fighting this. Understand that with the onsluaght of Social Web and the freedom and reach this has givin us we can be much stronger then any BIG Corporation.

    Share, tell, post this anywhere you can people lets bring down the Scum for all the people they have hurt and still will hurt by being able to print these lies.

  27. Fantastic, Brilliant! Justice For The 96 Dont Buy The S*n

  28. This is an incredibly articulate article, which i have to say, in my honest opinion, is not at all about The Sun’s coverage of Fabrice Muamba.

    The Daily Mail and the Telegraph ran with similar images so to attack the Sun or News Int. is quite frankly ridiculous.

    This is nothing more than a weakly-veiled attack over the Hillsborough disaster coverage.

    For the record, the coverage of the disaster was appalling and I am not a Man Utd fan trolling or looking to provoke a reaction, but i find your use of a young footballer’s fight for his life as a preface to attack The Sun over a completely separate issue as disgraceful.

    Scores will disagree as is their right to do so – i will not quarrel with others who comment here in support of your article.

    I will simply surmise by saying that there should be justice for the 96, and that your article makes my blood boil.

    – Kev

    • have to point out as a united fan there is nothing wrong with justice for the 96 but didn’t get this from article the differences to mail and sun coverage were pointed out in article

    • Has the Scum got a new editor called Kev. Football supporter my arse!!!

    • I totally agree, this image was run on a number of papers websites english and worldwide. To use this tragic story as an opening for attack on the suns handling of Hillsborough is distastefull.
      My heart and prayers go out to Muamba and his family.

  29. Totally with you on this, well done you for putting into writing what a lot of decent people are thinking

  30. This is now going out to 1.5 million football fans. Thanks for this, truer words are rarely spoken. well done

    • all footballers are wankers!

      • There are liars and there wankers I can honestly say I have worked out were you stand in that equation.

  31. There should be a law preventing the media publishing pictures of footballers’ prostates. No one wants to see that.

    • Shame on you for making jokes about this. Neither the time nor the place.

  32. “So why did I click on the link after being told by a stranger online that you had indeed printed a photograph in the worst possible kind of distasteful intrusion?”

    Good question. Because as long as people look they will print. I now know it’s there but I’m not going to look. And neither should you have.

    • and yet he still clicked the link… if he was so sure the sun were going to stick to their usual ghastly lack of morals, why did he and, I guess, a lot of others, still look?

      I believe its because no matter how hard we try, we are all curious by nature. And Ill bet that many who see this letter will have a look for the picture too. And then complain that its there to be seen. but all the time ‘we’ are curious humans, ‘they’ will carry on publishing..I didn’t look either. Im glad there are at least two of us in the world that have some restraint.

      • Yes Yvonne, we are all curious by nature. This doesnt mean that we cannot judge the content we were so curious about, on its merit.

  33. An excellent piece thank you YNWA JFT 96

  34. Spot Fucking On that. Vile newspaper.

  35. Hear, Hear.

  36. You’re speaking for so many. Good on you.

  37. Brilliant letter.

  38. Here, here. Everything The Scum isn’t. Articulate, thoughtful, reflective, decent and very well written.

  39. A great letter, summing up why so many of us detest the Sun. It would be great to think that this, the Leveson enquiry & closure of the NOTW might make them think again about how they act, but unfortunately we all know that it’s a pipe dream – the only reason they’ll change is if people stop buying the rag. While they still have 4m readers, and the advertising income that they generate as a result, it’s not in their interests to change.

  40. Super letter, well written, and true. Well done.

  41. The only way the scum will learn is by us never buying the poor excuse for a paper again!!!!!!!!!!!

    • unfortunately its not that simple…untill people stop buying ALL of the rupert murdoch rags, and stop funding him via subscriptions to sky tv…..then he will instruct his lap dogs to continue as they just are……this guy controls the flow of media to almost half the planet…..i would love to see the boycott taken further personaly 😀

  42. Well said. Utter scum.

  43. Great read and well put. This scum rag will never learn do not be under any illusions??? Certain members of society will always look for the scandal and in short its them that keeps it in business…..

  44. I wouldn’t even wipe my a*se with the filthy rag that is The Sun.

  45. We all thought it, you said it!! Thank you!!! X

  46. A well written piece that sums up how I feel about that rag.

  47. The Daily Mail had used the image but it’s now been removed from the articles.

  48. Outstanding YNWA

  49. Couldn’t agree more. Vile scum, the sooner they close down the better!!

  50. Thanks for interesting piece of writing.
    Media like this should be closed down.
    They have little moral standards and
    take the whole “negative news attracts”
    to another extreme.

    The government should close businesses
    like these down or impose heavy fines
    and publication restrictions.This is an
    example of sheer brute ignorance and
    a complete disregard for this young man
    and his family.

    It’s disgraceful, it really is.
    May God restore this young mans
    health to better than it was before
    and that his family once all this is
    over and back to normal if possible
    take media like this to the cleaners.

    Over and out!

  51. Never were truer words was said.
    That paper is a veil piece of Crap.

  52. Good read that the scum bastards , JFT96

  53. ill never by that shite ever again,dispicable..

  54. Brilliant letter


    This should get an award and be copied & pasted all over the internet

  56. A honest open letter. I have spread the word about this as I am in full agreement with you on this matter. When everyone can conduct themselves a nice manner this paper fails to keep in line with what is right!

  57. What a good letter ,the truth will come out and hopefully put that rags away for good YNWA

  58. well said.. other than calling them cunts, every word of that is true..

  59. Outstanding work. You sir are a legend. Well said

  60. Superbly written.

  61. Brilliant

  62. A superbly written piece that helps to further expose that rag for what it is – just a rag.

  63. Well done mate, echoing the sentiments of many disgusted people

  64. brilliant piece of writing……the sooner Murdoch , his family and all associated cronies just go away and rot the better

  65. i wonder are you a liverpool fan!!!!!!!

    • What does it matter ?
      The article is accurate, Liverpool supporter or not !

    • He is a City lad if you must know pal.

  66. Brilliantly written letter. Glad to hear so many people still boycott this rag! Hoping the truth about Hillsborough is in the public domain soon. #ETID #Justice for the 96

  67. As a football supporter living down under can I say I have never heard the full story with the 96 supporters that died however I am ashamed to say the Murdoch family are taking over Australian press with there cheap and nasty tactics and I wish my fellow countrymen had the guts to take a stand like yours have. Every dog has there day.

  68. I have never and will never read the Sun as a source of news. I read it once with a friend in a pub, to laugh at all the spelling mistakes we could find (a lot). Anyway I completely agree with the views in the article. Technically Muamba was dead at the time of these photographs – he stopped breathing – and i believe it’s completely disrespectful to his wife, son and family as a whole who were powerless to do anything to protect the images and videos of him in what could have been his final moments. I just hope he pulls through and the support for him continues.

  69. All fucking liverpool supporters. shut the fuck up about hillsbrough and your fucking jft93 or watever. a young man is fighting for his life in hospital have you no remorse ?? Daisy cutter you are a poor excuse for a human being and i only hope a situation like this never happens to you or any of the rest of you keyboard warriors. show some respect

    • Knob !

    • Dick!

    • Wow. You clearly dont get it. The letter is in response to the sun newspaper and their lack of morals!

      Hillsborough and Marc Viviene Foe have been used as examples of the suns previous behaviour.

      Show some respect to the 96 and MVF you piece of scum.

    • You fool!!! Comments are relevant given the inaccurate, insulting reporting made by the Scum then and now – the relevance is they don’t seem to have learnt anything – They could easily have selected an ‘appropriate’ picture to cover the story but yet again they go to sensationalise.
      Agree whole heartedly with the 2nd part of your comment however.

    • ignorant twat!

    • So its ok for The Sun to print this photo is it? You are indeed a knob. And its “whatever” and JFT96. Moron. Oh and no I’m not a Liverpool fan before you start. But you ARE a knob

  70. Well said. That ‘newspaper’ is the worst of the worst and I wouldn’t even clear up dog shit with it.

  71. Thank you. You have written a piece of literature that echoes hundreds of thousands of sentiments across the country. Get well soon Fabrice.

  72. I hate The Sun as much as anyone, and I haven’t bought a copy since 1978, but you are talking absolute rubbish, here.

    They have offended your sensibilities by publishing a photo you disapprove of; but which in foreign media channels would be considered quite ordinary.

    On this occasion, The Sun has done nothing more than offend you because, I suspect, you were just waiting to be offended by them, again.

  73. Sorry but all dinosaur media (newspapers, tv) is full of trash talking and sensationalism, it sells .. if we didn’t buy it it wouldnt get printed .. not justifying it but why not vent your anger on the people who buy into it? Ohhh because that would be everyone and you’d soon see how fucked society is .. not just the newspapers

  74. boycotted all news papers a long time ago. They all full of crap but for some reason this country loves poking its nose into others business instead of wanting to read about the true atrocities in the world like famine, genocide, natural disasters, economics etc but no they’d much rather read and have an opinion about what some so called celebrity did when they were drunk on the weekend when really it was probably no different to what they did or have done in the past. We are such a hypocritical nation these days. You have to blame the dim witted idiots that buy it really and probably just for the tits on page three .

  75. Did any of you have the same outrage when the photo of Whitney Houston found its way on the front page of a magazine last month? Did it outrage you enough to make comments of disgust? If you didnt show any disgust then why should this disgust you about this footballer? At least he wasn’t photographed dead in a coffin like Whitney Houston was, so why does this case merit disgust? when probably none of you made any comment of disgust regarding the photo of Whitney Houston but you make a comment of disgust about this footballer, so its very hypocritical of people to express disgust about the footballer & not about a photo of a world famous singer in her coffin.

  76. I couldn’t have put it in to words better!

  77. well written d/c, I agree wholeheartedly with ur comments, there is no need 2 show this type of scene it is 4 sensationalism only , 2 sell thier rag, hopefully a lot of ppl will now stop buying

  78. So you looked at the Sun’s picture out of a sense of disbelief and moral indignation…? Yeah,right!

  79. Great piece. Well said. I’m a Liverpool fan of many years and despise the S#n and everything it stands for. Get well soon Fabrice. YNWA.

  80. This extremely well-written article ought to be emailed to the PR department of every major advertiser in the Sun, asking for their comments. Without the advertising revenue, the paper would fold, as happened with the equally dreadful News of The World. As I have already emailed Morrison’s PR dept expressing my displeasure at them providing funding for the Sun on Sunday, I will now send them this.

    Campaigning group 38 degrees have shown how the “power of the ordinary people” can actually make a difference, so if everyone who agrees with the article emails it to the major advertisers, I think we CAN make a difference!

  81. I wish you scousers would stop wallowing in self pity about those 96 dead people.

    I came to read about Muamba, not the drunk Liverpool fans from that disaster thing.

    • As an Evertonian, I can only hope you die at some point today.

    • you disgust me with that comment darren mahone ‘drunk liverpool fans from that disaster thing’ it doesnt matter where they came from you simple minded idiot would you want someone talking about your family like that – no i bet not. do you have a heart – no i bet not. would you have said that if it were fans of a team you support – no i bet not!
      I agree with the article and my heart goes out to Muambas family as with anyone who has gone through losing or nearly losing a loved one.

  82. yet you still watch Sky,hypocrisy no?

    • No, because it wasn’t SKY that reported lies to the world under a front page banner titled ‘The Truth’. It was ‘The S*n’! It was this brand of newspaper that printed the lies & so it is this brand of newspaper that must now suffer the consequence of it’s own lying actions.

  83. What a load of crap. They have every right to get a photo of him and show it – it is something that happened on the pitch, while the cameras were rolling, so it’s fair game for news. They have simply published a photo taken at the time of the event, of the player in the state that he was reported to be in. All that has happened, is you have become offended and taken exception. Your own sensibilities are not the world’s, so don’t pretend they are.

    • I think you’ll find he speaks for the majority & NOT the minority which you are clearly in.

  84. Couldn’t have written it any other way… well done.

  85. As always the s(c)um panders to the LCD otherwise the lowest common dunce.

    • Aka football fans. Terrible paper for a terrible time.

  86. Totally agree that the Sun and many of it’s journalists are scum only recently they had a go at digging up the past of the Welsh fan Mike Dye who was tragically killed at Wembley. their report was apalling with no regard to the facts and absolutely no regard for Mikes wife or children.

    Hope and pray that Muamba makes a full recovery and my thoughts go out to his family

  87. I think you are just looking for a reason to write something about the sun which highlights your personal conflicts based on some poor reporting in the past. Your piece, while interesting, is hypocritical – blaming the sun on sensationalism to sell papers, when you have done the same with the Bolton story to get your hatred of the sun across.
    Taking the terrible things the Sun printed as lies, do any Liverpool fans think that their own fans had any role to play in the deaths that occurred that day? Or is it easier just to keep blaming the police for everything? Of all the fans there that day, did they all have valid tickets?

    • Fuck off you silly bitch.
      a) this article was written by a Man City fan, and used hillsborough as an example of shoddy journalism by the s*n
      b) read the taylor report. a court of law absolved liverpool fans of any blame
      c) don’t be an ignorant cunt and get back in the kitchen

      • well said jake, im sick of these uneducated morons backing the sun and having ago at the liverpool fans!!!

      • Actually the report did not shift all of the blame from the Liverpool fans, but as always with LFC if you disagree they get verbal and punchy. You need to read the full report yourself and not the media only reporting. There were large numbers of LFC fans who travelled without tickets (regular thing with LFC fans all over Europe) and took advantage of the situation.
        But like all things its always somebody else to blame with LFC, You need to take a good hard look at yourself, but no you will have somebody to blame for your foul rant – school, government, parents. You are living in the past nobody cares about LFC anymore cause your all finished.

  88. Brilliant,absolutely brilliant

  89. An excellent read. Very well said!

  90. do what i do and dont buy the shite paper and line their pockets

  91. Every decent person should boycot the scum.

  92. Great article but can’t help wondering why you even deigned to look for the particular page in the first place. Very difficult to condemn a man for speaking out loud whilst you look on with anger. A bit like the rubber-necker condemning bad driving at the scene of an accident.

    But don’t let such ideals prevent you from commenting on the rag.

  93. Thank you, amazing letter.

  94. Very good article, well written. Sadly I don’t think Murdoch will ever get the message and leave these shores permanantly.

    There’s not much that unites the 2 sides of Liverpool these days, but a hatred of Murdoch and his vile, lying ways will always be one.

    Don’t Buy The S*n. JFT96

  95. Total agreement here from a Man Utd fan. How people still buy this filth is beyond me.

  96. Well written and to the point so typical of the reprehensible Murdochs to always pander to dregs of society in their insatiable quest for profit btw your detractors are just spineless devoid of common decency and most likely could’nt find their arses with both hands .

  97. I hope their editors and reporters all end up in jail with Rebekah and James, and Murdoch snr. goes for a swim like Maxwell did.

  98. once again ‘the scum’ has shown us exactly how low they are willing to stoop just to sell papers, i will never forget when we lost Mikey Dye outside Wembley Stadium before the Wales v England match, ‘the scum’ decided to print that Mikey died as a result of inter rivalry between Cardiff and Swansea fans, ‘the scum’ couldnt have been further from the truth if they tried and as a result, hundreds of Cardiff and Swansea fans got together and organised a memorial football match between Cardiff and Swansea fans in memory of Mikey R.I.P

  99. Excellent letter, well done – yet again this ‘rag’ has shown its true colours. When the rest of the football community is united in their prayers for Fabrice these idiots go for the shock fact – do you know realise this young man has children, a girlfriend, a brother.

  100. This is fantastic. Very well written, bought a tear to my eye.

  101. Brilliantly put. Well done.

  102. Hit the nail on the head time for the sun to be permanently boycotted encouraging news on tonight bbc news

  103. Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Bronco’s

  104. It’s news, and the Sun reported it in a way that sells newspapers – after all, that is what they do.

    If you don’t like what they do, don’t buy the paper & don’t read it. Have you never heard of the term “self-censorship”?

  105. Great Read, but you could have gone so much further! Hillsborough was the tip of the iceberg, but how many lives have been destroyed by this vile publication?

  106. While I don’t think the sun has any moral standards, this letter stinks of a sun hater, probably Liverpool fan looking for any reason to bash the sun from behind an anonymous letter. The same and similar pictures were run by other news agencies including possibly the biggest of them all, Reuters, but none of these were addressed in this letter.

  107. Utterly superb article.

  108. Hear, hear!!! Bang on the money with this letter to the SCUM aka SUN. Its analogue does rather well using its typical sensationalistic and exploitative news in the US as the Fox News Network. Please boycott the entire Murdoch apparatus. This wealthy old scumbag has profited way too much from spouting garbage. A tarring and feathering is what this wicked old bastard deserves.

  109. wish someone would ban this paper forever. What it has done is once again trample over people’s feelings, with no thought to Fabrice Muamba’s family.

    Now only weeks away from the anniversary of Hillsborough they decide to cause more controversy and pain, with their callousness. I hope the people of Bolton boycott the Scum as the people of Liverpool do.

  110. Sentiments are spot on as is the quality of the writing. Why do people buy it? Because it appeals to base instincts I.e. nastiness, spawned by right wing guiding hands.

  111. Well written – and so very true. Let’s hope that people in their thousands now stop buying this comic book ‘newspaper’. Their only aim is to make money – and let nothing stand in their way.

  112. Hope that Muamba makes a full recovery. Terrible thing to happen and all football fans are united in their love and hope for “one of the lads”.

    This article though is nothing more than an attempt to moan on about the Sun and “The Truth” yet again. JFT96. What about the 39 Italian fans who died at Heysel in 1985 in crowd trouble caused by Liverpool fans. They haven’t had any justice. What’s sauce for the goose…

    • bang out of order, it was the crumbling stadium and inept police (again) that led to the Italian fans being killed. Please get your points accurate before putting them into print.

      all the best lad, hoping for a full recovery.

      • I thought it was Chelsea?

  113. all very interesting but im afraid that the so called boycott of ‘the sun’ in liverpool is entirely false. i do not originate from the city but have lived there for a number of years and every single day i see hundreds of people buying/reading the sun. liverpool supporters included just as much as everyone else

  114. I totally agree. I dont like Murdoc, he wonts to rule the world, i stoped buying the News of the World years ago
    I only buy the Sun as it’s for the mother-in-law.

  115. BRAVO WELL DONE Do i need to say more. Would say it to his face if need be.

  116. If the people of britian and Irelandhad followed the lead of yhe people of liverpool, our children and grand children would be much richer in morality dignity and truth In 1989 the — was banashed from Liverpool and the fact that the people outside liverppol accepted untruths and blatent lies led to the shame of what they did then and what they have done since and unfortunately what they will continue to do. The fact that they have got away with their vile atitude has lead other publications to drop their standards and history willdictate the fact that we phostumously owe the people of liverpool a great debt of gratitude

  117. Why on earth would people decide that putting negative posts against an article that was full of truth and obviously from a person full of dignity and from the heart, leaves me wondering what is up with these people!
    A great piece which i hope will be read by millions and hopefully makes this sort of journalism a thing of the past.
    Well done………………..

  118. thank you so very much! I am a Spurs fan who walked into my pub with an expectant smile on my face on Saturday evening only to walk out with my face wearing the tears of a concerned father. the day must soon dawn when we say goodbye to that horrendous rag

  119. Excellent letter. Wonder of anyone at the scum had the brain capacity to read it all and actually understand it!

    Some of the comments on here are strange tho. Let it be just reminds me of a knob I’m afraid.

  120. Well done on the article….and to hesr the oh pity us wailing from these scum of journalists is unbeleivable , oh how the tables have turned

  121. Great piece of writing, perfectly delivered and 100% spot on! hats off to you Daisy Cutter

  122. Wow, whilst I completey agree with Daisy’s letter (and I say that as not a fan of football)’ I’m horrified at the attention this has gotten in comparison to some of the big, horrible travesties going on in our country right now. It’s lovely to see so many people showing their heartfelt support for who I hear is a talented athlete, but maybe a pinch of that energy needs to be spent on how we’re all being ****** over by murdoch’s pals in government right now. The lack of civil priorities in this country make me despair!

  123. I am not a football fan or a racist/ regionalist and I find some people’s comments about the ‘drunk 96 or whatever’ (human beings inc children) absolutely shocking and there is something very wrong with you. If you want to look at the fear on a man’s face as he dies, there is something very wrong with you. The fact that so many people buy The Sun proves to me that there is something very wrong with humanity. Lets hope that asteroid hits soon :(

  124. This cesspool of a rag should be shut down. They obviously feel that they can get away with anything. Evryone has a right to privacy, especially in the worst of times. Utter scum

  125. Immaculately written. More power to you Daisy Cutter.
    The Scum is a waste of paper!

  126. As a child growing up my father would never permit this paper into our home, I am now 55 and have never allowed in my home. When this empire folds they will have no one to blame but themselves. My prayers are with Fabrice and his loved ones.

  127. Thank you for this wonderful letter. I pray that Fabrice is going to get better. The Sun is not a newspaper. It is a vessel of lies and sensationalism. It is people like you who do decent human beings justice and if that rag had someone with half the respect and professionalism you have displayed working there then they may have a chance of behaving like a proper newspaper. Thank you for using your time to write such a passionate and heart felt letter. You Will Never Walk Alone. Justice for the 96.

  128. what a great piece of writing, well said. hope that Fabrice makes it YNWA

  129. well wot a load of tosh, to the wanker that wrote this dont read the sun, to my fellow liverpool fans, well we know already, and to be honest what has religion got to do with football, i come from northern ireland, so dont talk about something you have little understanding of????

  130. There is a code of common decency. The Sun have cracked the code for common; but will never crack the code for decency.

  131. i really wish i was as articulate as this person who wrote the article. but in my own language- i ****** detest the ******* scumbag reporters and the **** who actually let this be printed. I personally hope if someone in your family has a tragedy that th next day it is splashed across the papers. it is one of the reasons this country is the way it is. The daily non-stop drivel of crime murder and rapes. this country aint all bad but you make it out to be. i hope you all personally have a tragedy . Then again i dont really care what happens to you. your nothing to me…

  132. The problem is… People in Merseyside DO buy the Sun. Maybe not in the Anfield area, but you look outside there and it is stocked and bought everywhere. I am always slightly shocked when I see people on Merseyrail every morning. But this rubbish about it not being bought is a lie. Newsagent in Walton and one in Aintree (home and work) where it is sold and they always run out first. Southport is Merseyside and it is bought there. Perhaps you should say Liverpool not Merseyside.

  133. Where can i get back issues to send to my friends? Great picture well done the sun

  134. Why couldn’t you just write ‘you were out of order’? To be bringing Hillsborough into this is just pathetic.

  135. Never a truer word spoken. Why would you ever risk a young child seeing their parent that way? That poor child is going through hell right now, is probably feeling very frightened and very angry at the unfairness of the world and yet these pieces of crap choose to push it in his face and torture him with it. They are just pure evil! That child should be supported and protected through this nightmare.

  136. Well said couldn’t agree more the scum-sun needs to go and would if there weren’t to many scum blinded my the false vile and bullshit stories!!! Shame to the scum and all who but it!!

  137. A well written piece, you should consider a career in journalism. Thanks for bringing this issue to the attention of the nation. I totally agree with your sentiments. The Scum has got away with far too much for far to long. I wouldn’t wipe my backside with this nonsense!

  138. Whilst I have little contradictory comment to make over this letter, the issue here is embedded in Supply & Demand. This paper remains the top selling paper in the country by some distance, so people want to read / look at this tripe.

    If we as a society stop buying it then they will either have to review their selling point to remain in line with their customer base or stop publication because there’s not enough margin in it.

    The issue lies in the hands of the reader I’m afraid!

  139. One of the main reasons I buy and read The Sun is to wind up the sort of loony leftie liberals that have posted on here. I’m not interested in politics, I just think it has the best football coverage of all the tabloids and it’s a fun light-hearted read. Some people need to get a sense of perspective.

  140. What a load of vitriolic crap. He’s a football player – his life is in the public domain. He collapsed not at home, but on a premier league football pitch. Okay it was White Hart lane, but there must have been at least thirty or forty people there. So a photo showed his face – havent you all got anything even slightly more important to worry about?

    NO, I’m not a fan of the Sun, yes, I do love my football, but get a grip.

  141. I know the Sun has a lot to answer for in the way it handled the events at Hillsborough – But be fair this is just Lazy sensationalist journalism… I cant help thinking the person who wrote this article is from Merseyside…. Lots of other media sources published the same picture… the Telegraph still has it leading their story, The Guardian used a picture of him on a stretcher… Yes I understand your anger at the Sun… but right now you are guilty of the same lazy journalism

  142. It’s ironic that something so profoundly lacking any kind of light, brilliance, sparkle, illumination, vibrance or WARMTH whatsoever, should call itself ‘The Sun’

  143. what a surprise. my comment in support of The Sun, praising it for its excellent football coverage has been removed. No dissent allowed on this forum.

  144. Never a more truthfull article written. Prayers with Muamba from EFC!

  145. Yeah, great piece of writing. Thoughts go to out to Fabrice.

  146. Brilliant piece of writing expressing how we all feel about this morally bankrupt rag of a paper. I posted this on The Irish Scums Facebook page and one of their PR companies. I wonder how long it will last there. :)

  147. Sometimes we all come across an article and we think, I wish I had written that, and that is exactly how I feel about the above. I would add that it says more about the people who buy the paper than the paper itselt. If people didn’t want to read trash they wouldn’t print it in the first place.

  148. I’m not a football fan, but I wish Fabrice a quick and hopefully full recovery….

    As the The Scum comic, they have once again shown that they don’t give a flying f*ck for peoples feelings by printing that photograph, but that is what we can expect from the gutter press these days (really, gutter is too high for them, sewer more like – and we all know what floats around in sewers). It’s just a pity that the King of Sleaze, Moredick, has made his fortune from sh!t like this.

    Long may he and his minions suffer for what they have done.

  149. could have said that in about 4 paragraphs

  150. A revolting paper owned by a disgusting old man but unfortunately bought by millions of morons every day!

  151. The Sun is the most scummy paper, created by the most vile people, around in the UK today. Why people buy this crap is beyond me

  152. Excellent write-up.
    Wishing Muamba a full recovery.

  153. Fantastic piece and well written. Manages to convey what most normal people have been thinking for years about the paper. Well done to whoever wrote this.

  154. Great article, more people need to stand up for what they know is wrong and not give in to the media.

    Hopefully people can be inspired by this.

    Fight on

  155. Superb piece of writing…….I still refuse to have the Scum in my home and I left Liverpool long before Hillsborough. The sooner it`s off the news stands the better

  156. From a Fulham fan,
    Thankfully the lad appears to be improving, but as you say the Scum is a blight on decent society.
    Trouble is we live in a democracy & all we can do is badger people into boycotting this sensationalist rag.
    Personally I’ve never bought it, because I have always referred to it as a Comic.
    Don’t despair we’ll never forget the 96 from Hillsborough or indeed any others lost in previous tragedies such as Bradford.

  157. why are people still getting this paper , i am from liverpool and we don’t get it how are they still in buisnes if people stop getting it then it will go out of buisnes. so lets start asking people to stop

  158. After a surreal couple of days I’ve finally had chance to read the comments above and thank you so much for the kind words. They have meant a great deal even if the subject matter of the article means that I feel conflicted accepting compliments.
    To those who have criticised I accept your points fully. I just hope that you can concede at least that I wrote the piece with sincere intentions and it was from the heart.
    To the person who assumes I am a Liverpool fan and a Catholic – I’m a Man City supporter whose only religious experiences have occurred at the Etihad from my personal Jesus David Silva. Aside from that I don’t have a religious bone in my body.
    Lastly, there has been a couple – and thankfully only a couple – of morons attempting to leave sick and attention-seeking messages of hate regarding Hillsborough. I have ‘unapproved’ them and will continue to do so. I believe fully in freedom of speech. I also believe however in ownership rights and I do not want your twisted logic polluting a website that I love upsetting readers who I think a great deal of.

  159. Enough Said you should do a poll on Facebook and twitter lets see if anyone actualy ownes up to buying this Bogroll its the only paper that if you wipe your ass with it more crap will come off

  160. TL;DR OK, you hate News International, but it’s shameful to use an injured player to attack them.

  161. Think this letter is pathetic, who cares leave the papers be. Jesus christ what a pathetic whine this article is, a man is dieing and all you care about is a dumb article in a paper??????? get over your self.

  162. ‘Anonymous Coward’, since the Cutter formed in Jan 2011 we have published nearly 700 articles. We now have nearly 40 writers to call upon but in the early days it was just me and me alone. Consequently I have written maybe 350 of those articles. At no stage have I ever credited myself personally for any of those articles (even though I am extremely proud of some of them) and have written all as ‘Daisy Cutter’. I do my very best to promote the writers who send me content and I do my very best to promote the site. I have never, and will never, promote myself. If I changed that habit for this letter I would rightfully leave myself open to accusations of using such a sensitive topic for the purposes of self-promotion. To misconstrue that as ‘cowardice’ on my part perhaps says more about you than it does me.

  163. hope you will make a full and fast recovery fab and i will never buy the scum again!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Well, Daisy Cutter, you just simply made up this rubbish about the forementioned offending picture of Muamba! I have seen the papers both Sunday and Monday, and I can tell you that The Sun did NOT print any offending pictures of him! I believe that as you’re from Liverpool you decided to make The Sun an easy target because of that article 23 years ago (which I don’t condone). If they did print any offending pictures I’d be criticising them.

    And as for you people who criticised the paper – I don’t think you actually read either Sunday or Monday’s editions, coz if you did, you’ll know that they never printed any offensive pictures of Muamba.

    Get well soon, Muamba

  165. Steven, it was on the Sun’s website. I mention about clicking on the link but perhaps I could have made that clearer. The idea of me making this up is a ridiculous notion. Besides from the immoral implications of that don’t you think someone would have mentioned that by now already?
    And I don’t live in Liverpool nor do I have any connection to the city.

  166. Unfortunately as long as there are Morons in this country, their awful excuse for a paper will sell.

  167. Finally the people who this paper claim to represent (the British) are beginning to fight back against the disgusting filth and falseness printed by this rag. I am Irish and for years during our troubles the lies that this paper told of the Northern Irish conflict angered many people here. They helped to stoke up anti Irish feeling within their audience by reporting stories falsified with actions similar to the Hillsborough Disaster that simpily did not occur and were only used to bad mouth a people. Like our fellow Liverpudlians many in Northern Ireland do not buy The Sun and have done so for many years because of it’s immoral views and lies. I would like to see an eddition of this paper were every article is an acknowledgement of each time they have printed lies or have offended people in the past and with a full apology for doing so. Hopefully more people will fight back by simply not buying are reading their muck.

    • Sorry, I am a football fan and do recognise that this is a football related website. Good to hear Muamba is recovering and hopefully we’ll see him again playing football.

  168. Very well put letter….

    May God bless him and his family…
    A curse on you Sun!!!
    It did however lift my heart to see the reaction from the rest of the world of football… Get well soon Muamba..

  169. 4 words to say, on behalf of every single caring human being in this country…. thankyou very very much…….

    • that is 5 words you absolute moron.

  170. What a load of shit. You readily admit that you knew what was on the link before you clicked on it but then you still did. This is why the sun continue to sell newspapers because people like to pretend that they don’t like the bullshit that they print but they still click, or buy the paper anyway.

    Also this is the most appallingly written article which reads not much better than a sun article. Complete with sensationalist points every couple of paragraphs that completely fail to get backed up by the content underneath, straying off topic…what has hillsborough got to do with this? Don’t get me wrong I don’t buy or read the sun and I agree with this article in spirit but this is the most idiotic and repugnant drivel that I can’t get behind it.

  171. I fully agree that it was entirely irresponsible for The Sun to publish such a picture, however,I believe it highlights the British Public’s morbid fascination with death. As a student with the emergency services I have found that it it astonishing that amount of people that feel like they have the right to watch such acts and medical interventions. It is disgusting that this isnt a small nummber more the majority.
    It is awful that Mr Muamba had his dignity torn away by national tv and newspapers. In contrast it also highlights how human spirit can be ignited and united in the face of unexpected illness and death.
    Well written and I truly hope this makes a difference.

  172. Bravo,
    i’m well late to the party but this is brilliant.


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