'Do you wanna swap all this for Stoke sweetheart?'

With little actual football to report on during the summer months the newspapers understandably resort to concentrating on transfer gossip. When there is little actual gossip to report on they understandably resort to concentrating on utter bullshit. Here are the five worst examples named and shamed.

Peter Crouch to Stoke – The Sun

What makes this one a corker is that they begin this splurge of horse manure by stating that the Potters previously backed out of signing Cameron Jerome and Carlton Cole due to their wage demands. So they then approach a player who probably earns the same as those two combined? Who would never join them in a million years even if they doubled his pay packet? It insulted our eyes.

Harry Kewell to Fulham – Footy Bunker

Yes that Harry Kewell. The geriatric smug-stain who probably sleeps on a treatment table. Based solely on him being ‘unattached’. So is Roy Skelton’s widow and she’s probably got more reliable hamstrings.

Adel Taarabt to Chelsea – Daily Mail

In the 1930s the Daily Fail came out in support of the Nazis and was sympathetic to Oswald Moseley and the British Union of Fascists. Such stances had greater legitimacy than this clump of tosh.

Nicklas Bendtner to Everton – Daily Mail

We sometimes suspect that newspapers include the occasional bit of nonsense about Everton just to keep them involved. Like a child with special needs being thrown on with ten minutes to go in an Under-12s game.

Leighton Baines to Liverpool – News of the World

The phone hacking scandal may have been the final nail in the NotW coffin but this ludicrous claim is the corpse inside.