The proposed site for the Manx Arena

It has come to our attention that the Isle of Man will put forward a proposal to provide a Premier League outfit by the beginning of the 2012-13 season. The Cutter’s sources have revealed that discussions are currently at an advanced stage with Premier League bigwigs keen to branch out their all-powerful franchise beyond mainland Britain. Having seen the excitement generated in Wales by Swansea City’s first appearance in the English Premier League, the Mayor of Douglas is believed to be putting together the final pieces of the ambitious Isle’s jigsaw with the completion of an all-purpose stadium that will house the entire occupants of the island.

Sources close to both The Daisy Cutter and the Isle of Man have confirmed that having seen the way English football has rolled over and had its belly tickled by the Tafia over the last few seasons, they believe they have a strong case to put forward. First Cardiff City qualified for the F.A.Cup final and now this.

Our man close to negotiations gave the following statement : “I never would have envisaged that the Isle of Man could one day be hosting the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal or Wigan Athletic but now I can see that anything is possible. If you’d have told me 20 years ago when the Premier League began that it would one day involve a Welsh club, I’d have laughed in your face. Then again, when I was a boy, if somebody would have told me that a load of silly puppets would become a major movie franchise then I’d have sent George Lucas to the loony bin! It just goes to show that the craziest ideas sometimes come off.”

The Daisy Cutter was last night pondering whether a move would be imminent from the Isle of Wight.