The Cutter understands that an Indian consortium is in the process of finalising a deal to buy a controlling share of Everton FC with the buyout at such an advanced stage that it may even be announced sometime this week.

Our source revealed that the consortium of businessmen had no prior intention of investing in the club and indeed had no previous knowledge even of its existence until they flew over recently to conclude a complicated three-way transaction for a forty-acre land deal in the city.

Once in the UK they learnt about the Merseyside club that has huge potential but is crippled by a reported £45m debt and a ground issue that has proved to be a sticking point in past negotiations with suitors. The consortium shown sufficient interest to be courted by the Everton board of directors and, though Chairman Bill Kenwright has been notoriously resistant to selling his beloved football club to anyone he didn’t deem suitable, it seems they have passed the criteria he has set.

If the Cutter is wrong about this we are willing to publish a full retraction and apology along with a full-page picture of Tim Cahill punching a corner flag. For this particular journo that will hurt.

If our information is correct however it appears that a fantastic historic club might finally be close to achieving financial security.