by Noel Draper

Luis Suarez has hit back at Patrice Evra’s racist claims by stating that he had also been goaded during the game by the French full back. The allegations came to light during a Liverpool press conference in which the Peruvian forward finally fought back without falling over, rolling around or banging his hands against the ground in frustration.

Suarez told the gathered reporters, ” It was disgraceful. I had just fallen over and was banging my clenched fists against the ground when I felt a presence alongside me. As I stood up I noticed a different coloured person waving his hands in my direction. It was Evra. Of course I can’t be 100% sure as they all look the same to me but he spoke with a Froggie accent.”

The Bolivian midfielder sipped from a glass of water before continuing his tirade at the listening press.

“As Evra came closer he whispered in my ear something so horrible that I had to ask him to repeat it as I couldn’t believe that those words had come from his black mouth.”

“I never once called him any racial names. Some of my best friends are black.”

“I said to him ‘what did you say Darkie?’” as we walked along together. He then repeated his original comment, which once again shocked me.”

The Ecuadorian defender lost control at this point and started to bang the desk in frustration before turning his anger into words.

“I never once called him any racial names. Some of my best friends are black. We are all brothers together. The same. I could get a tight perm if I wanted to. Easy.  I even blacked up once for a show but for him to call me “goofy” is disgusting. My mother has these teeth, she has them on non match days. I’m disgusted and hurt, I really am.”

The Guyanan goalkeeper appeared to take a moment to calm down before thanking the entire room and leaving with his manager. When the fresh allegations were put to Evra and his manager, Mr Henri Laconte, neither were available to comment but did shrug their shoulders for a few minutes.

When questioned later, Mrs Suarez was also unable to comment due to Liverpool having a game later that night.