by Kevin Henning

Since the untimely departure of England manager Fabio Capello, many names have been bandied about by people fully aware of dead cert Harry Redknapp’s tactical incompetance. Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink, Roy Hodgson, Martin O’Neill, Alan Pardew and hilariously Stuart Pearce have all been talked up as the man to take this once proud footballing nation forward into a brave new era. One name though has been missing from all the tabloid speculation. A name not once mentioned on Sky’s tiresome Sunday Supplement. A name that could inspire a generation of English football fans.
Nineteen years ago, within days of the ruthless sacking of England’s most comedic manager of all time, Graham Taylor, I was sat in a biology classroom trying not to learn a thing about photosynthesis by discussing the recently vacated post with my classmate. The choice at the time seemed to be one from a list of Howard Wilkinson, Ron Atkinson, Terry Venebles, Gerry Francis and Jack Charlton. I asked my friend who he saw as the answer to England’s problems. I admit I was stunned by the foresight and wisdom behind his choice. “Cyrille Regis – he’s the man for the job.”
Now you may mock and I’m not proud to admit I was sent out of the classroom in hysterics shortly after Corndog came out with this legendary line, but the intervening years have given me a chance to reflect on the possibility that the F.A. missed a golden chance back in 1993. A quick search of Regis’ Wikipedia page can show any true football fan how strong his credentials are and I am only too happy to point them out here :

Cyrille Regis, MBE (born 9 February 1958) is a French-born English former footballer. So being French born, he should immediately understand different footballing cultures.
Raised as a Roman Catholic, Regis attended Kensal Rise Primary School. Maybe Big Cyrille could have a word with the Lord to get him to ditch Kaka and give some love to Gareth Barry.
After leaving school, Regis trained as an electrician, earning a City and Guilds diploma. Regis could bring some much needed spark to the English midfield (sorry but there’s not much to go on here).
Cyrille is the cousin of John Regis MBE, the former English athlete, who still holds the UK record for the 200 metres. Maybe bring John in as a conditioning coach. John could in turn tempt Kris Akabusi to come onboard as a dressing room prankster.
FA Cup winners medal. A list of honours to stand up to the people’s choice Harry Redknapp.
Cyrille is uncle of footballer Jason Roberts, for whom he has acted as an agent. A man who understands the murkier side of the game and can acknowledge the temptations that can turn a player’s head.

Further to this, I did a little more internet research and was gobsmacked upon visiting various betting sites to see that Cyrille Regis was absent from every single odds list. Do the bookies know something that we don’t? Have they recieved inside information and suspended betting on the Midlands man becoming the next England manager? Or is his name missing because he was never in the running? Only time will tell.
I agree that it would take a brave man to make this appointment, but that is what English football needs right now. St. George’s Park is on the horizon and we need a complete overhaul of the coaching structure to benefit from the national football centre. Let’s get some fresh blood in. Let’s banish Stuart Pearce and his bi-annual “Who can kick the ball furthest?” competitions in full view of the football world. Let’s admit that once Arsenal started to turn the screw last week, Harry Redknapp’s meddling only made matters worse for Spurs. Let’s give a man who chose to represent England rather than have the duty thrust onto him, the chance to lead us into a golden era.
Cutter readers, I ask you one and all. Join the campaign to make Cyrille Regis the England manager and save the Three Lions from an eternity of disastrous showings at International football events. If we believe in each other, we can do it. Let’s make our voices heard in every major football ground in the country. Let’s rise up and holler “Nice one Cyrille – Regis for England!” and together we can be the saviours of our national sport.