by Daniel Widdowson

With the decision to terminate Steve Cotterill’s contract the bookies were always going to have high odds on some random contenders for the Forest job. Apparently in the running this time was Glenn Hoddle, Darren Ferguson and the old favourite, Billy Davies. However the eventual winner was former Doncaster manager, Sean O’Driscoll.

In all fairness I’m going to choose to keep the majority of my opinions reserved until he’s had some time to get some players in, to replace the missing defenders, and time to organise his time in preseason. However, having worked with the team as first team coach through part of the last season I hope he already has some key values and ideas running through his team and setup.

As mentioned above Forest’s defence is currently non-existent. The loss of Chris Gunter finished off the round of senior defenders leaving the club, and frankly he is one player I am sorry to see leave the club. For once Forest successfully turned a profit on a player and it’s clear to see why. Gunter was a player fully committed to his club, and, in my eyes, occasionally an exceptionally talented right back. Sometimes his decision making skills were lacking, however the majority of the time he found himself in the right place, to make that last ditch challenge, or to spark a driving attack.

So in a week of change at Forest we must say goodbye Steve Cotterill, farewell to several players who we wish the best of luck to with their careers – though don’t play too well against us when you face us – and welcome Sean O’Driscoll to the City Ground in preparation for next season. We had some bad moments last season, let’s hope he doesn’t continue S’ODs law.