by Bob Lethaby

The hilarious sight of footballer, Peter Odemwingie getting turned away from the gates of QPR last night, was a classic example of the unsavoury nature of a sport that was once known as the beautiful game. It was also timed perfectly for David Beckham’s golden balls to shine even brighter after he donated his £150k a week contract salary to a Parisian children’s charity. Whilst Beckham should be commended for giving money to charity (a total of about £3million) it is also worth noting that this is the equivalent of me donating five pence to my neighbour’s cat.

To add to that, if I did donate 5p to my neighbour’s cat, it is doubtful that my popularity profile would rise substantially, whilst Beckham, with the immaculate timing of one of his trade mark free kicks, has put himself on the front pages again as a God like comparison to the ghastly Odemwingie. What a timely reminder to Gillette to pay him £25million to advertise their brand and another timely reminder to me as to why I pay eight quid for four razor blades regardless of the fact that I don’t give a f*** if David Beckham uses them or not.

As distasteful as it was, Peter Odemwingie (who many of you wouldn’t even know) is park bench vagrant compared to David Beckham and it would appear that he does not have a comparable PR team either. Odemwingie was obviously told by someone to turn up at QPR and treble his wages and I bet somewhere down the line ‘Arry Redknapp was involved. However, as the darling of the needy media, he (Redknapp) will remain the cheeky cockney, whilst Odemwingie is mercilessly taunted by football supporters up and down the country. I have little or no sympathy for Odemwingie but double standards appear wherever you look…Redknapp and QPR are sick joke, I pray they get relegated.

Meanwhile, whilst good old ‘Arry was wheeler dealing, Peter Odemwingie was tucking in to humble pie back at West Brom and the value of Brand Beckham was soaring again, us poor bastards were not only struggling to earn a living but also picking up the tab by purchasing football tickets and razors. The stupidity of the masses (of which I am a number) beggars belief sometimes. We fund everyone from footballers to tax evaders to benefit fraudsters. Generally the benefit fraudsters that get it full in the neck as we look to express our frustration without actually having the balls to start a full scale rebellion or start shaving with a BIC potato peeler.

However, closer inspection will show anyone that the unsavoury class war that the government are encouraging us to embark on is in fact a huge distraction to protect a minority who own everything, from having to cough up. In 2011 there was £3.4 billion worth of benefit fraud in comparison to £120 billion of tax evasion (Read the details here). Now, I don’t study the science of rockets, but it appears to me that real problem that leaves us poor bastards in the middle picking up the tab whilst immigrants and the unemployed take rap, is in fact, the wealthy not playing fair with taxation laws. They are bleeding Britain dry.

The Government know that benefit fraudsters are an easy target (they can’t defend themselves) so they whip us in to a frenzy via The Daily Mail to get them deported, executed or put on a prison island whilst we spend all our cash bailing out bankers as we purchase our season tickets and Gillette razors. We are stark raving f***ing bonkers, the lot of us!

Meanwhile Odemwingie has to get by on £20k a week at West Brom, David Beckham’s bollocks are shining brighter than the sun and good ol’ ‘Arry Redknapp hasn’t made a bean out of any of QPR’s transfer dealing.


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