If you’re not aware of the rapping force of nature that goes by the name of Scroobius Pip then some serious YouTubeing could well be the order of the day. The hip-hop Poet Laureate explores themes as diverse as love, death and cauliflower ears all delivered in an ace package of wit, devilment and his distinctive estuary twang.

He is our modern-day Edward Lear with a beard that would make Ross Kemp feel like a girly girl and best of all he is one of us – a football nut. Okay, so his team is Millwall but if a man was perfect they’d be no further need for evolution.

Openly disdainful of the press we caught up with Scroobius to talk about his beloved Lions ahead of their momentous FA Cup semi final with Wigan next week.

DC – What is your earliest memory of supporting Millwall?

SP – It wasn’t my first game but my clearest early memory was travelling to Anfield for Liverpool v Millwall (we drew). Strongest early memory of knowing I had a club I truly loved.

 DC – Who is your favourite all-time Millwall player?

SP – Probably Terry Horlock.

DC – Old Den or New Den?

SP – New Den I guess. Have to live in the present. Nothing will ever match the intimidation of the old den though.

DC – To reach a second FA Cup final in a decade would be an incredible achievement. Do you believe?

SP – I don’t see why not! Wigan will be a tough side to beat but we have showed a lot of fight lately so it’s doable.

DC – Kenny Jackett is, by some distance, one of the best managers outside of the Premier League yet is never mentioned when vacancies crop up. Is this an annoyance or a relief?

SP – Very relieved. I hope we keep him for a very long time.

DC – What is your favourite chant/ shout heard at a ground?

SP – When the lions roar thing we do gets going and resonates around the ground it really makes the hairs stand up…