HIGHS are an alt-pop band from Canada. They’re rather brilliant with songs that zing with upbeat catchiness such as Mango. They also – by their own admission – know next to nothing about football.

So the Cutter thought it might be fun to seek out the opinions of Liam and Doug on this weekend’s fixtures and to pit the band-mates against each other.

Thanks to the lads for being such good sports but it’s fair to suggest you shouldn’t base any accas today on what follows…

Southampton v Tottenham

Doug: I’m saying Tottenham.

Liam: I’ve been feeling really good at Tottenham recently but I think I’m going with Southampton.

Burnley v Leicester

Liam: I’m going Leicester. 2-0

Doug: I’m going Burnley to win a tight one 3-2

Crystal Palace v Hull

Liam: This is my team Crystal Palace and you know what they say about Palace – that they always come through at the end so I’m going for a 2-1 victory.

Doug: Oh okay, and you feel good about that?

Liam: I feel good about that.

Doug: I like Crystal Palace too. But the next one is where we become divided…

Newcastle United v Swansea

Doug: I’ve been to Swansea and I love the place and the people and they really take soccer seriously there.

Liam: The folks in Newcastle really get behind their team and their squad is pretty good this year so I’m going for them. I’m not sure on the score but I’m saying Newcastle for the win.

Doug: I’m saying 4-1 Swansea.

QPR v West Ham

(The Cutter explains who QPR are)

Liam: Are they a tough team?

The Cutter: They’re battling for their lives right now. Deep in relegation trouble.

Liam: Well I’m going to say they’re going to get by in this one.

Doug: I always root for underdogs…

Liam: Yeah I’m going QPR. They’re not doing great so maybe 1-0.

Stoke v Sunderland

Liam: I’m going for Sunderland….

(The Cutter explains about Sunderland’s recent woes and the difficulty of getting anything from the Britannia)

Liam: Well I don’t want to flip-flop so I’m sticking with Sunderland. If you can hack it in Stoke you can make it.

West Brom v Liverpool

Liam: I actually do know a little about Liverpool.

Doug: I’m going West Brom.

Manchester City v Aston Villa

Liam: I’m saying Aston.

Doug: Really?

Liam: No, Man City

Everton v Manchester United

Liam: I’m going Man U.

Doug: What’s Everton like?

The Cutter: They’re really tough to play at home but United are…well, United.

Doug: I’m going underdogs again and saying Everton.

Liam: When you think of football United are notorious though.

Arsenal v Chelsea

Liam: Arsenal

Doug: I’m going Chelsea.

Check out the band here. You won’t regret it.