After a multitude of Youtube entires, regional heats, and a gruelling boot camp at Wembley the Carlsberg People’s Pundit was awarded this week with the deserved winner being Kevin Clarke from Brighton.

Kevin – a sales director away from the mic – put in a succession of strong performances dissecting famous goals and commenting on topical matters all under the intense pressure of judging panels and audiences but it was a particularly impressive interview with Gus Poyet on South American football that finally edged him ahead of his peers.

Those peers – Jake Goodall, Dan Pickering, Andy Dawber, and Adam Diouri – can all hold their heads up high as finalists in a nationwide competition that proved beyond all doubt us fans know our mustard and can match any professional pundit around.

The coveted prize for Kevin is to report live on talkSPORT from the Brittania this Sunday alongside the much respected Ian Danter. Liverpool’s trip to Stoke is of course a game laden with significance with it being Steven Gerrard’s English farewell before leaving for a Galaxy far, far away so we’re sure they’ll be plenty to talk(sport) about.

Good luck Kevin. Do us supporters proud.