An open letter to Raheem Sterling caused a few ructions on twitter last night. Read it here

Below Liverpool fan Chris Tobin has his right to reply….

Dear Jim,

I know it’s normally journalists that write these kind of letters, so please forgive me whilst I intrude into your world.

I really hope your “Open letter to Raheem Sterling” works out for you and the second most popular newspaper in the country. In my experience most Mirror journalists are kind of genuine alright sorts and normally quite knowledgeable, apart from John Cross obviously, and it goes without saying Martin Lipton now he works for the unmentionable.

It goes without saying that this new breed of journalist will infiltrate the old guard and only be interested in writing self-promotional tosh with absolutely no actual facts – maybe just to try and win over their own clubs supporters – but when things get really tough and wins start drying up they will change their tune. I know a journalist like that Jim.

You probably didn’t read it Jim but some journalists actually stood by Brendan Rodgers last season – you know when things were going tits up? Remember how you stood by your club, your team, your manager? Time for change for you wasn’t it Jim. “Rodgers must pack his bags now”. Maybe you were just playing the media game or perhaps you were misquoted hey. To be fair in November previously you did state it was “utter rubbish” to talk of sacking him. We like consistency don’t we Jim.

I am from a school of thought that says we should show support in adversity, but perhaps Raheem read your article and thought “Jims right” I’m out of here, this Brendan guy does not know what he is doing – It seems fine for you Jim but not so fine for Raheem. Slightly hypocritical mate don’t you think?

In April you said Raheem was right, because Liverpool have not proved they can match his BURNING AMBITION. Do you know his agent? Media games Jim.

So where and when is this fight you talk of? The next time we lose a few games, and once again you call our manager out? Have you thought about perhaps setting your sat-nav toward Manchester Jim or even SW6 1HS. They like sacking managers, remember what you thought about them wanting Rafa sacked?

The thing about balloons Jim is they pop, or just go down when after being full of air someone sticks a pin in it and shows the balloon for what it really is.

Journalist come and go Jim. Some leave their mark, good or bad. Will your letter be remembered by supporters of Liverpool, Manchester City and of course Everton? I’m not sure Jim I doubt it, although I am pretty sure you will remember it, the day you wrote a letter to Raheem, as much as I will cherish this letter to you.

Keep up the support and good work for our great club, stay honourable and fight the fight.


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