Charlton Athletic captain Johnnie Jackson last week promised that when the club sold another 100 season tickets he would get in Del Trotter’s old van from Only Fools and Horses and hand deliver tickets to one fan. The club have sold the tickets so Johnnie’s made good on his promise and delivered them!

The fan, 16 year old Lee Carroll, who is autistic, was surprised by Charlton Athletic captain Johnnie Jackson and goalkeeper Stephen Henderson with his brand new season ticket for the season.

Lee’s mum said: “Lee was over the moon when he opened the door and saw Johnnie Jackson and Stephen Henderson there. He described it as the best day of his life. He had brought the new home shirt the day before so and wearing it whilst playing football in the garden, so it felt like fate”

Only Fools and Horses was famously set in Peckham , just a few miles from Charlton’s home The Valley, and fans of the show will know that Rodney Trotter’s middle name is Charlton as mum Joan was a fan of the club.

The video is part of Charlton Athletic’s new Player Pledge campaign, in which the players are passing on dares to other members of the squad for every 100 season tickets sold. Captain Johnnie Jackson was the first to take on the challenge, and has now called out last year’s player of the year Jordan Cousins to get his legs waxed in the next Player Pledge.

Captain Johnnie Jackson said: “A lot of the lads love Only Fools and Horses, so it felt only right that for the first Player Pledge a couple of us lads got behind the wheel of Del Boy’s famous van and took it out to deliver the tickets. It was was all worth it to see Lee’s face when we showed up. We’re looking forward to seeing him at The Valley next season…. And to seeing Jordan Cousins get his legs waxed when we sell the next 100 season tickets”

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