by Jack Simpson

Frank Worthington

Never before has one moustache graced quite so many football clubs. In a career that spanned 25 years, the whiskered Worthington managed to turn out for a staggering 24 different clubs.


Mark Lawrenson

Former Irish international and pundit for the BBC, Mark Lawrenson and his tache have been a constant since he reached notoriety with Liverpool in the 80s. However, disaster struck in 2002 when an ill judged bet with a group of Bolton fans forced him to have it shaved off. Tacheless since, there is a moustache shaped hole in the world of football.


Rudi Voller and Frank Riijkaard

Involved in one of the most memorable altercations in world football. The clash of the tache epitomised the eighties – mullets, perms and two cracking crumb catchers.


Carlos Valderrama

Recognisable for his unkempt peroxide blonde perm, Carlos Valderrama’s facial hair has often been overlooked. However, under the former Columbian midfielder’s impressive mane, there was an equally impressive handle bar to get to grips with.


Ian Rush

Often mistaken for John Aldridge or the third Chuckle Brother, Ian Rush’s moustache has at times come with its occupational hazards. However, undeterred by such incidents Ian Rush has ensured football’s most prolific lip tickler was maintained well into retirement.


Raymond Domenech

Manager of France during their fantastical World Cup run in 2006 and their farcical campaign four years later, the tacheless Domenech quickly went from zero to hero. In the 80s, Domenech held one of the most impressive moustaches in French football. From the Groucho Marx school of facial hair, the tache reflected the player – wiry and uncompromising.


Bruce Grobbelaar

Continuing Liverpool’s great tradition of successful moustachioed players, Bruce Grobbelaar won plenty of silverware during his time at Anfield. Follicly challenged on top, Zimbabwean goalkeeper Grobbelar proudly demonstrated that growing hair on his face was no problem; as is proven with this Walrus like effort.


Rene Higuita

Named ‘El Loco’ for his unpredictable play on the pitch, there was at least one aspect of Higuita that would remain a constant during his career. The long black flowing locks and the black fuzz Higuita sported throughout his career made the Columbian goalkeeper one of football’s most eccentric and recognisable goalkeepers in the world.


Caesar Jenkyns

No nonsense defender and one of Wales’ earliest internationals, Jenkyns was a pioneer for the fuzzed up footballer. He paved the way for the likes of Sounness and proving facial hair was no obstacle to success in the world of football. An impressive stasher and mono brow to boot, Jenkyns is the daddy of all moustachioed footballers.