The Cutter is a site purely for football, music and occasionally film. So what are we doing having our say on the political tumult that is enveloping us all? Because there is a political tumult that is enveloping us all.

The past week has thrown up division and confusion on a scale we’ve not encountered in living memory but one simple truth has been painfully confirmed – we deserve significantly better politicians.

One side has plunged us into a catastrophic alienation that will result in millions paying a very heavy cost and all because of two privileged individuals and their Shakespearean competition of ego and ambition that harks back to the fields of Eton.

The other side queue up to stab their leader in the back writing supposedly private resignation letters that somehow magically get into the public domain. They are essentially audition notes – X-Factor on expensive paper – and yet again act as another example of MPs woefully under-estimating our ability to read between the lines. “I’ve always had the deepest respect for you Jeremy but as a mother and lifelong socialist who believes this party needs to unite….”

At a time when the fate of us – the people – is tottering on a precipice once again they think only of personal gain.

This shouldn’t surprise yet seeing their self-preservation come to the fore in our most desperate hour of need still jolts. It shouldn’t surprise because the vast majority of them are weird and grotesque creatures. If you met one in civvies you’d walk away thinking ‘What a strange person you are’. You wouldn’t lend them a fiver without waving goodbye to it. You wouldn’t entrust them to look after your child. You would politely decline the offer of a pint because the conversation would be stilted and they would hold the glass with the same awkwardness of a thespian brandishing a power tool. Yet they determine the well-being and future of ourselves and everyone we hold dear.

We deserve significantly better.

So often they – these weird and grotesque creatures who would struggle to tell you the price of a loaf of bread or name any band other than Coldplay or The Beatles or have the first inclination of what we deem important or find hard in our lives – like to use the empty phrase ‘ordinary and hard-working people’ to attach themselves vicariously to goodness.

So let’s flip that but first accept that they do work hard in the main. What we deserve and need right now is the ordinary. We need normal individuals in power. Someone who recognises that they earn a great deal of money to serve our best interests, not theirs.

We are now cast adrift from mainland Europe in every sense and we face scary, unchartered water. Our political system meanwhile is broken, our two main parties fractured like never before. So if, like the Cutter, you have truly had enough of these careerist, opportunist weirdos placing our livelihoods and well-being in peril for their own agendas then the time to act is NOW. We have to mobilise and vocalise and bring forth the impact of a population while they are distracted by their pathetic in-house squabbling. And push forward the normals, whoever you believe that is. They are few and far between but they are out there, in the margins; unsullied so far by Murdoch’s puppet strings and without a searing desire for power to compensate for schoolyard bullying.

They know the price of a loaf of bread. They are, bar their salary, one of us.

Will they solve the mess we’re in? Of course not but when a building is on fire you don’t ask those who have been flicking lit matches at each other for the past year for assistance. You look elsewhere. So bring on the normals. Like Princes Leia once said to Obi-Wan, right now they’re our only hope.