Strangely there is no official England song for the Euros but have no fear because Shaun William Ryder Esq along with his long-term sidekick Kermit have stepped up the plate to bring us ‘We Are England’. Released this week the single features legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold and Goldie while the video below is worth checking out for a couple of notable cameos too.

Despite professing to ‘not knowing anything about football’ the former Happy Mondays singer and all-round national treasure has put together a catchy, upbeat anthem that encapsulates the optimism surging through the nation’s pubs and living rooms right now. It’s a reluctant optimism because we know where it leads us but hey…we can’t always get knocked out on pens. Can we?

The Cutter has been pretty scathing about football songs in the past but this one – we have to admit – has cut through our skepticism and had us dancing Bez-style in the office. And with possibly the most Mondays line ever written in ‘We’re all in this together with our famous English weather’ it’s a winner for us.

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