Paul Pogba’s world record breaking move to Old Trafford has been widely acknowledged as a real statement of intent from the 13 times Premier League champions after an underwhelming couple of seasons. Yet the mind-boggling sum involved has not been met with total approval from former Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard who, speaking exclusively to 888sport, has expressed concerns that it signifies a loss of traditional values that the club has long been proud of.

“This is definitely a new chapter. United are a different club to when I was there. It’s run in a different way and built on different values. It is a completely different thing now from when I first arrived. Unfortunately this is just a natural development with how football is going and it doesn’t change my feelings for them. Everything is about money and I know United have spent a lot of money over the past decades which is a big part of why they’re so successful but it’s just getting more and more extreme. You can’t prevent it so I guess you just have to embrace it and do as well as you can in that environment.”

The tall Dane – now at Preston North End but still very much a United fan – also has an pragmatic but ominous view of where modern day football is heading.

“Is any player worth that money? It’s reality and only going in one direction. Journalists will ask this question in one year and in five years when players start costing a quarter of a billion. It is what it is and it’s the direction of modern football. We cannot change it you and I. Everything gets more expensive.”

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