The world’s politicians may well be leading us to hell in a handcart while our team never fails to let us down on a weekly basis but have no fear because there is always, always a silver lining.

On this occasion it’s the news that The Art Of Football – a website crammed with fantastic, original artwork and tees on the beautiful game – have a spanking new site launched with amazing Xmas and Black Friday offers in the pipeline.

 With the Cutter also celebrating a recent face-lift we thought it was an opportune time to ask the lads behind the phenomenon – brothers Luke and Gabe Cuthbert – to cherry-pick five of their favourite latest creations while adding our twopenneth in too.


Title – Sublime

Description – ‘Paying tribute to Dalian Atkinson’s greatest goal’

We say – It’s not just Villa fans who will love this. Atkinson was a cult striker who epitomised a time when incredible goals rained down on Match Of The Day. A stylish salute to a special striker.


Title – Magic Moment

Description – ‘This was the most requested moment from Celtic fans’

We say – Celtic have only reached the last 16 of the Champions League on one occasion and it took a magnificent goal to get them there. This was it, a precise dinker from Shunsuki Nakamura against Manchester United that is perfectly immortalised here.


Title – Pure Genius

Description – ‘We just love Gazza so had to do this one’

We say – It’s the detail that appeals the most here. The way that Colin Hendry is in the wilderness beyond the square; the outline of the preceding moment surrounding Gascoigne. A million words have paid wonderful homage to this iconic few seconds. Now there is a tee doing likewise.


Title – Dreamland

Description – ‘The goal of the summer’

We say – Scotland has Gemmill’s individual magic v Holland. Northern lreland will always cherish Gerry Armstrong’s stunner v Spain. England had Moore lifted onto the shoulders of giants brandishing the World Cup. Where was Wales’ unforgettable moment? Right here. Know a Welshman? Does he have a wall? You know what to do.


Title – They Think It’s All Over

Description – ‘Celebrating 50 years since England’s World Cup triumph’

We say – A fitting testimonial to a goal that will forever define English football. The blaze of colour around Hurst elevates this from being very good to a masterpiece.