Being a diehard football fan, you would want to possess all those things that showcase your love for the game. Whichever team you support, there are certain must-haves to show it off! Next time you watch your team playing on the ground, make sure that you have these 8 football fan essentials to show your full support, after all you want your team to win!

Football Base Layer

You may not need this unless you are planning to step on the ground, but you can wear one even while cheering for your team. Base layer is used by the players to regulate their body temperature to the optimum level to perform their best. As the name suggests, base layer is the innermost layer of clothing that is worn below the football jersey and short. You can get the base layer colour coordinated with your team jersey to cheer for the game in full football attire.

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Signature Mug

You don’t always need to dress up like your favourite player or team to show your love for the game, you can sometimes do it just by possessing the signature merchandise with team logo or signed by your favourite player. One such signature merchandise that you may own is the coffee mug. Keep it in your office or at home to sip tea, coffee, or any hot drink that would give you instant refreshment. If you are not fond of any drink then use it as a showpiece.

Souvenir for the life time

Football with the team colour and logo printed on it can be the best souvenir to possess. It turns out to be a costly thing to possess when you look for the quality product, but if you are not keen on playing with this ball then it is better to settle for low quality material. An autographed football or helmet made out of even the inferior quality material would serve as the souvenir for the lifetime. It can be passed through generations, kept in your living room to grab the attention of visitors, or used as a starting point for any conversation. These souvenirs would be appreciated even by the football followers not supporting your team.

Home Theatre System

Planning to enjoy game in your living room? Do it with a bang! Get the home theatre system with surround sound speakers. You would instantly be a part of the game as you hear the ball heating the net, referee’s whistle, and cheering crowd with even more clarity than what you would have in the ground. The live surround experience would give you virtual ride to the stadium and the big screen entertainment would make you the part of the game.



Don’t want to head to the ground for a thrilling game? You can have foosball at your home to enjoy the thrill of the game in limited space. No need to sweat it out with your friends every time, team up to compete on the foosball table and a glass of drink in the comfort of your home. This is good for two players but can be played by four players or even more by forming teams. It doesn’t take much space and would say it all about your love for the game.

Caps and hats

Show your love for the team by adorning team caps and hats. You will find team caps online on websites like Lovell Soccer specializing in selling all types of soccer merchandise with frequent discounts. If you are not supporting a particular team or the nation, then keep multiple caps handy to cheer every time for the new team with the same vigor. It also serves as the perfect gift for the football lovers.

Football boots

Want to step in the ground to make a goal? Go get some good quality football boots. These boots from popular brands are designed to suit different types of grounds. You can get the firm ground or soft ground boots depending on the type of football ground you are going to use for the game. Turf trainers are also designed to train the players who want to enjoy the game on the turf. If you like to collect then you can also have your team’s boots as a part of collection.

Football jersey

This is first and most essential thing to have if you are a diehard football follower. Put on the team jersey and show your support whether you play or you watch the game. Jersey with the player’s name can be good thing to show off your love for the particular player. You can also get your name printed on the team jersey to add a personal touch.

Show your love for the game that is already stealing the hearts worldwide. Get the above 8 must-haves from online or retail shops and be the inseparable part of the game.