Arsenal legend Gilberto Silva has spoken out about his concerns for the North London giant’s talented but wayward son Jack Wilshere.

Speaking exclusively to 888sport the Brazilian World Cup winner intimates that the 25 year old is running out of chances to fulfil his immense potential at the Emirates and claims the burden of responsibly falls on the player alone.

“It is down to Wilshere, and Wilshere alone. His has great ability he knows that; everybody knows that, so he just needs to concentrate on his game. He needs to forget about what is around him, just focus on football. I could say something to him but if he doesn’t understand the importance of focus, then it is his career. He has to question himself; ‘What do I want for myself for this season and the future?’

“He has an opportunity and it’s not very often someone has the opportunity that he has. Arsene and the club are giving him an opportunity and he has to grab it.”

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