Former Reds defender Dominic Matteo believes Liverpool’s defensive problems lie with their goalkeeper’s inability to inspire confidence and a back-line too often tinkered with by Jurgen Klopp.

Speaking to ahead of a combustible clash with Manchester United this weekend Matteo offered up opinions in the same manner in which he played – fully committed and passionate – on a subject he has first-hand knowledge of after appearing 127 times for the north-west giants.

“It’s not the worst defence Liverpool have had but it’s making schoolboy errors and making them too often. Klopp needs to leave the back four alone for a while, let them get some consistency in their games and just playing the same back four can help all the players in the team with confidence. They need a keeper who will be authoritative and have the trust of the players that if they make a mistake at the back they will be able to deal with it and will make the save – this is something Liverpool just haven’t got at the moment.”

“You want your keeper to be authoritative, talking and organising, you see with Manchester United having David De Gea and he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and if you make a mistake he will pull you out, he will make that save and like with Schmeichel. I have seen some highlights of old United games and you see some of the saves that Schmeichel did and you understand why they won the league.”

“I think with Liverpool, we haven’t had that consistency with the goalkeeper, where he is making these saves week in, week out and they are making mistakes. The top keepers are so consistent and in the big games they make the big saves.”

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