Fantasy football is a game based on strong predictions of undetermined performances of real professional players. Some call it ‘the game of chance’ and some like to term it as ‘the game of skill’ while many feel that enthusiasts of fantasy football label it as a game of skill because, predominantly, games of chances are played for money and are thus, considered as illegal in several countries.
But doesn’t majority of people consider that casino gambling and sports betting are skill based games involving strategical thoughts, mathematical calculations and myriad of probability?
Moreover, betting and gambling involve a great deal of money, but it really isn’t necessary to play fantasy football for money. Although gambling and fantasy football rallies side by side, but it would be impolite to ignore the fact that it has a game theory that is exclusively based on genuine facts and statistics.

Strategies put forth in building a fantasy team

fantasy team

A manager has to screen every aspect while building a fantasy team to hold on to the winning graph. Additionally, the sole performance of athletes decides the fate of the team. Also, managers have to take into account more than just statistics while drafting a team, factors like injuries, weather conditions, coaching methodology, etc. play a vital role in ensuring the win-win situation. Players also have to actively manage their teams whilst engaging their sports knowledge. Nonetheless, it is somewhat like fielding your own team.


Even casino and gambling are not necessary to be played for money. You can bet in poker and put no money on the table at all. Being skill based games, casino and poker can also be played for fun like fantasy football. The online casino sites like Karamba, where you can play games like Gonzo’s quest and Starburst for fun and can win money by making some strategies.

 Fantasy football and gambling

Various magazines and publications circulate ample amount of information to keep the competitive spirit high in fantasy football. Not just that, sites like FanDuel and Fanball hosts betting on daily and weekly fantasy football pertaining to millions of dollars in transactions.

The world of casino has also unlocked new doors for fantasy sports, New Jersey’s first ever casino has launched FastPick, a daily fantasy sports game which caters customers with head to head pairing with the real world players. If the team appointed by the customer wins against the team assigned to the casino, then the customer wins. To gamble and win in this game, a customer needs to have a good strategy and clarity about online casinos.

Sports betting and fantasy football

The traits of sports betting differ greatly from fantasy football. The reasons why players become part of fantasy football have been shown by majority of surveys inclining towards friendliness and gaining experience. They all are not in there for cash or prize money, most of the players play with an aim to enhance their sports experience and knowledge.

All things considered, the federal law, UIEGA, cited fantasy football as a skill based game that is “determined predominantly by accumulated statistical results of sporting events, including any non-participant’s individual performances in such sporting events” would not be considered as an act of unlawful wagering.