Ahead of this weekend’s momentous Manchester derby former United striker Dion Dublin has been recalling the pivotal moment in the club’s recent history that heralded the arrival of an iconic figure to Old Trafford. Unfortunately for Dion it all began with a broken limb.

Speaking exclusively to 888sport the popular striker – now a pundit and daytime television presenter on BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer – makes light of a terrible individual circumstance that directly led to the signing of a genius.

“Eric was very unique in the way that he played the game. I think he saw the game differently to most people. He was fearless towards any other human being and he was fearless towards failure so he tried all sorts. He was outstanding.”

“When I broke my leg Man United had to find somebody of a very, very high standing to take my place so they turned to Eric Cantona (laughs). He didn’t just fill my boots; he took it to the next level and he was brilliant. I do consider myself the catalyst to Man United’s success because if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t have signed Eric Cantona. They don’t have to thank me though, it’s fine.”

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