Football is one of the most popular sports in the world watched by its supporters, and top football players are treated like celebrities by their fans. Having such a high-profile career can often lead football stars to become insecure about their looks and how they present themselves to their loyal fans. This can mean many of them going under the knife to improve their image.

Let’s take a look at five well-known football players that have had some cosmetic surgery done and what procedures they took.

Wayne Rooney, England player

England and Manchester United footballer, Wayne Rooney, has always been self-conscious about his looks. After his hair started receding badly aged just 25, he decided to have hair transplant surgery and was reported as being very happy with the results.

Didier Drogba, Ivory Coast

Sometimes football stars don’t have cosmetic surgery for reasons of vanity. Drogba suffered facial injuries after an on-pitch collision with Norwich City Goalkeeper John Ruddy during the 2011 Premier League match between Chelsea and Norwich City.

David Beckham, England

Speculation is rife that David Beckham has undertaken cosmetic surgery procedures for a number of years, but nothing has ever been confirmed. For a footballing superstar to have remained in the limelight for as long as he has, with so many obvious appearance changes over the years, one can only assume that his looks have been maintained through plastic surgery.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Known for his good looks just as much as for his talent on the football pitch, Ronaldo has certainly refined his image over the years going from an awkward teen to a sporting superstar. His perfectly aligned white smile alludes to him having cosmetic dentistry at the very least.

Ronaldinho, Brazil

Ronaldinho has built a reputation for being one of the most gifted football players in the world. Looking back at his early photographs, you can clearly see that he has since shook off his old nickname of the bucked-tooth wonder. Now Ronaldinho sports a fine, bright smile after undergoing cosmetic dentistry to straighten his teeth and and reduce his gums.

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