The UEFA Champions League has emerged as the gold standard of club football tournaments. And in 2019 tournament has once again chosen the Santiago Bernabéu as the choice of venue for the legendary final match.

While on one hand the players are gearing up for what will be a tournament for the history books, the venues are stepping their game up to ensure the matchday experience is more engaging than ever before.

Champions League matches regularly sell out, despite matches being broadcast on television, making it harder and harder to see a match in person. This is both a blessing and a curse for the fans that visit the stadiums to watch their favourite teams play.

One one hand, the limited availability of the seats makes it a challenge for many fans to get their chance to watch the game live. On the other, stadiums can finally stop worrying about ticket sales and concentrate on making the matchday experience better for their fans.

Luxury Suites To Make The Most Of The Match

In order to truly make the legendary final matchday memorable, the Bernabéu is offering private luxury suites to the most dedicated fans of the game.

Spectators can access private entrance gates and suite facilities well before the kick off, giving them time to treat themselves to some quality pre-match entertainment. With on-the-house welcome drinks and on-demand snacks, fans can comfortably soak up the brilliant pre-match excitement before the kick-off.

Strategically Selected Seats At The Best Vantage Points

VIP fans that secure their hospitality packages are given an exclusive match-viewing area that is strategically selected to offer a full, unobstructed view of the pitch. The Outdoor Boxes offer luxury seating situated between the Presidential Box and the team benches, offering the most prestigious view of the pitch.

To make the whole affair even more fun, on-demand snacks and drinks ensure the excitement levels stay on the high side throughout the game. On-seat TV monitors and annexed hospitality areas ensure the matchday experience is absolutely engaging.

Dedicated Hosts and An Open Bar

The 1st Tier suites offer guests not just sublime views of the pitch, but add to the experience with dedicated hosts, gourmet meals, and an open bar.

Perfect for corporate guests and fans that are simply looking for an extraordinary matchday experience. Enormous en-suite television screens ensure that guests can watch every detail of the match carefully, while world-class hospitality services ensure the experience is not just comfortable, but truly special.

Exclusive Experiences For Groups

Exclusive group boxes such as the 2nd Tier Boxes offer large groups sublime views of the pitch, along with a private hospitable environment that can be customised to unique needs of the guests.

Bernabéu hospitality providers ensure that the guests are treated to unmatched luxury, along with attentive service staff that overlook every aspect of their matchday experience to make it perfect.


The list of luxury hospitality options at the world-class venue goes on. While the experience in the stadium can truly be something to remember, a lot depends on your luxury hospitality provider.

Whether you are trying to impress an important client, or simply trying to maximise your matchday experience, it is important to carefully choose your hospitality event provider to ensure the best bang for your buck.