Controversial talkSPORT host Adrian Durham has blasted West Brom’s board for not having a fool-proof plan in place after sacking Darren Moore over a month ago.

Moore was dismissed on March 9 despite the Baggies being fourth in the Championship standings, and even though they have now suffered two defeats on the bounce under caretaker manager James Shan, the Black Country club is yet to hire a replacement.

Durham finds it hard to believe that a club can be run so badly.

“Whether you agree with what I said about Darren Moore’s sacking or not, it’s kind of irrelevant at this point when we’re discussing where West Brom are at now,” said Durham, as shown by talkSPORT’s official Twitter account on Thursday morning.

“You’ve got fans saying ‘sack the board’ and the board are the ones who branded Darren Moore a failure, and yet they’re failing to run the club properly.

“He’s now being seen as a failure despite what he did with West Bromwich Albion, and he’s got to live with that and he’s got to try and turn people’s opinion around after that. And yet they’re failing to run the club properly.

“If you are going to sack a manager, like Darren Moore when you’re fourth in the table, there’s got to be a fool-proof plan to see the job through.

“You’ve given the job to the youth coach, and then game-by-game if he wins, ‘yeah he gets the job’. If he loses, ‘oh let’s look for somebody else’.

“That’s no way to run a football club, have they lost their minds?”


He is absolutely right, and many West Brom fans will surely agree with Durham despite his controversial comments about Albion’s reason to sack Moore last month. How can a team that is desperate for promotion to the Premier League sack the manager who has a play-off spot all but secured, only to give Shan five games in charge as caretaker boss. Shan is totally out of his depth and you have to feel sorry for the coach because he has been thrust into a role that he thought he would only be in for one or two games. West Brom’s chief executive Mark Jenkins has a lot to answer for over this mess, and if the Baggies do miss out on promotion, the blame will lie at his door.


Even though West Brom have occupied a top-six spot for most of the season, it is very difficult to see them actually winning promotion via the play-offs because their form is rotten and their lack of leadership leaves them rudderless. Hiring a manager now is pointless in a way because if they get someone in, the man they hire will just go down as the man who missed out on promotion, when it won’t really be his fault. The best thing that can happen for West Brom fans right now is if Guochuan Lai sells the Black Country club and Jenkins leaves his role as chief executive.


Shan originally joined West Brom as an Under-7s coach in 2006 and has since help develop players like Sam Field, Chris Wood, Saido Berahino and Izzy Brown.