League Tables

The Premier League founded on 20th Feb 1992, is the most watched football league in the world, broadcasted in 212 territories to 643 million homes.
The Premier League is the crowning glory in the English football system, contested by 20 clubs playing each other twice, the premier league is the home of some of the greatest teams in the footballing world, and a sports betting fanatics paradise.

The Welsh Premier league is the national football league for Wales. It houses both professional and semi-professional status clubs, and is ranked by the UEFA coefficient in 48th place out of 53 current members.

The Scottish Professional Football league (SFPL) is the national association for football in Scotland. The league was initially formed in June 2013 as a result of the merger between the Scottish premier league and the Scottish football league. The SPFL also hosts two cup competitions, the Scottish League cup, and the Scottish Challenge cup.

Ligue 1 is the primary football competition in France, and serves the finest teams in the French league. League 1 is one of the two divisions in the French leagues, the other being ligue 2. The season runs from August to May with the teams playing a total 38 games.

The Fußball-Bundesliga also known as just the Bundesliga, is highest division in the German football leagues, with the highest footballing average stadium attendance worldwide. The Bundesliga is the home to 18 teams, and has been contested by 53 teams since initially being founded.

Seria A, Also called the Seria A TIM due to the sponsorship by Telecom Italia, is the top division in the Italian leagues and is widely regarded as one of the best footballing leagues in the world and has produced the highest number of European cup finalists, a whopping record of 26 times.

The Primera division of Liga Nacional de Futbol Professional more commonly knows in the English speaking world as La Liga, is the peak division in the Spanish football league, with a huge 60 teams having competed in La liga since its founding. LA liga is the strongest league in Europe over the past 5 seasons, according to UEFA’s league coefficient, and has been the top league, for more totalling years than any other European league.