by Chris Tobin

Sometimes in life as much as your head tells itself the heart is wrong, acceptance of a truth can and will override both. Such is the case with another international break and yet another story pertaining to come from the lips of Liverpool’s “want away” striker Luis Suarez.

Liverpool fans once again are charged with the arduous task of being the parental protagonist, leaping to the defence of their sullied hero Suarez, fearful perhaps that a grain of actual truth may lay in the stories coming out of Montevideo. Protectionism sets in and the disparaging claims of the world’s media are swept aside in a sea of red rage.

Luis Suarez will not be the first, nor for that matter the last, professional footballer who although idolised by his adoring public would still appear to court a perceived greater alternative, sold as a footballing challenge whilst its mercenary nature is disguised as a career defining decision, as said footballer wonders off across the hallowed turf of a more stunning magnificent Spanish/German/Italian horizon.

Whilst Liverpool supporters continue with this guessing game of “Will He” or “Wont He” the media begin to circle the Anfield wagons looking for any chink its armour. Some on the outside of the club seem continually intent on building a wedge between supporters and players and also supporters and owners. This week even former players have expressed opinion on Suarez leaving the club, with a consensus being that he has every human right to have his head turned by a more suited specimen, perhaps with “European Pedigree” if it were to show interest.

We are told to accept this under the guise or illusion of acquiescence. The clubs progression ultimately from the incentive of finance – Like some kind of Venture Capital speculating to accumulate, however football cannot be run like this. One only has to look at Arsenal to see the effects of selling your best players for huge sums, then purchasing two or three cheaper alternatives.

It has become increasingly difficult for the clubs to keep talent, fearful that same talent has eyes for another enjoying the constant flirting and head turning. The biggest loser in this travesty will be the supporters. Loyalty has become a dirty word within football aligned with its ugly sister allegiance with the unfaithful ruining the experience for us all.

At this very moment Luis Suarez remains a Liverpool player and the suggestion of him leaving the club is purely speculation.

Liverpool supporters have been here before, they and the club have form with Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano immediately springing to mind, whilst further back Steve McManaman and Michael Owen all raised similar queries moments before the door slammed shut as they left the building.

If Luis Suarez were to leave after just two full seasons at Anfield, this would incontestably represent the most disappointing and damaging of all those aforementioned occupants of the office of hero, where veneration would be thrust upon them by an adoring public, only to be reciprocated with dishonour.

Suarez would be indebted not only to the supporters of Liverpool Football Club its owners and management now and previously but rather the whole institution of Liverpool Football Club. Under Kenny Dalglish and the preceding management the complete ethos of the club, its history and integrity would be perilously put on the line. All in the pursuit of what history may tell us was a misguided attempt at complete loyalty to Luis Suarez. To this day the slur on the club and its supporters of being racists while supporting racism remains. Whether founded in truth or not, has become irrelevant – we remain guilty as charged.

Credibility of an institute built upon fair play has been brought into question. The diatribe of disgust and hate would not only be thrown at Suarez and the club. Rather more importantly it was levelled at its supporters. The people who built the empire complicit in its downfall – Take Dalglish for example, he who would put his entire footballing legacy on the line in his support of Suarez with his defence over those allegations. One of the institutes greatest and integral parts vilified and abused. Indelibly the slurs remain.

The question on Luis Suarez future will always remain. Here you have one of the world’s greatest footballing talents a brilliant genius blessed with footballing ability from the Gods. Why would the good and great of world football not want to court him? There is no doubt that one day a more beautiful intelligent suitor will come rattling the Shankly gates enquiring whether Luis is coming out to play. For now those gates must be slammed shut and padlocked with the key kept well away from Luis Suarez.

The biggest question lies at the doorstep of Luis Suarez “Does he feel indebted to the club?” only Suarez can answer that, not in broken English more so in his actions as he twinkle-toes across that great turf nutmegging his way toward the Kop end for at the very least another season.

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