by Darren Walsh

So Jose says “the world will stop to watch” this game. Not quite downplaying the tie as much as he did before the first leg then. Looks quite downbeat as they show him and the team walking into the stadium.

So it’s all about the Rooney omission to start with. Roy Keane suggests that it may be the end for him at Utd, which sets Adrian Chiles back so much that we have a pretty long silence until he can ask another question.

Chiles says just before the ads “Stay with us.” Would anyone watch the build-up and then decide to switch off?

Why are Madrid wearing their change kit? White doesn’t clash with red does it? Not sure why they have a green away kit anyway; it could be Plymouth Argyle playing from a distance.

Not as bad as Lopez’s goalkeeper kit though; if he couldn’t wear the orange top due to a clash, he shouldn’t have the orange shorts and socks.

Surprised it’s Nani who’s the one in for Rooney, and trying and failing with a difficult trick in his own half won’t stop people questioning the decision.

Ronaldo with a free kick into the wall. Obviously needs to watch a few clips of Gareth Bale to improve.

First sight of goal in the game, Higuain shooting wide.

Van Persie with a mistimed volley; he’s scored quite a few of them in the last year or two.

Evra booked for a professional foul on Di Maria; he would have been away otherwise. Just a minute before, the Frenchman had kicked the ball away but it was overlooked by the referee. Would be interesting if it hadn’t been.

Vidic crashes the post with a header from a corner, ball comes back to Welbeck who can’t steer the rebound and it goes straight into Lopez’s arms. Ramos was making sure that there wouldn’t be a second chance for Welbeck; he was pulling his jersey back all the time.

Clive Tyldesley mentions the Porto win over Man Utd in 2004 as when Mourinho “announced himself on the European stage.” Maybe that was Clive’s introduction to him; most of us saw him win the UEFA Cup nine months before that.

Slightly unlucky for Ramos to be punished as he heads down from a corner, would have set up a goal.

Diego Lopez pushes a shot straight back out in front of him, redeems himself by saving the rebound off Welbeck’s shot.

We see Giggs get away from a Madrid player, leading Tyldesley to exclaim “What’s his age again?” It’s 39, Clive. It’s not like we could forget after being beaten around the head with it for the last few seasons.

Kaka is on for a crocked Di Maria; Tyldesley references the Brazilian’s match winning performance in 2007 on this stage but I think those days are long gone.

Cue him belting in a last minute 30 yard winner now.

Lee Dixon calls Roy Keane ‘Gary’. I can only think that he thought he was still on BBC and thought that Lineker was sitting beside him.

Big chance for Welbeck a minute into the half, and Varane should clear but Nani puts it back in and Ramos can only divert into his own net after a slight deflection from Welbeck. So Ramos has been directly responsible for both of Utd’s goals in the tie.

Madrid try to answer and Higuain puts in a great cross. Unfortunately he’s probably the only one in the team who would have been in the right position for such a delivery.

Ok, that might be the most unexpected red card I’ve seen for a while. Nani goes down after catching Arbeloa with a high foot, and when he gets up he sees a red card directed at him. Ferguson almost falls down the stairs in his haste to get to the fourth official. The foot was high but only to control the ball, however referees at this level are often too judicious in trying to punish something like this. Often two players will have a high foot each and whoever hits the ground first gets the free kick, with the other receiving a yellow card.

We are told by Clive that this is the same ref who sent off van Persie in the Nou Camp before, as well as John Terry last season. Not sure why that’s referenced, he got those decisions right after all.

Jose is talking to Ferguson and seems to be agreeing with him. There’s a man who knows about some dodgy red cards going against him over the years.

Rafael with what looks like a great goalline clearance from Higuain’s header. Turns out on the replay that it hit his arm but no one noticed at the time. (Insert rant about fifth official here)

Meant to say that Modric was on, and my night would be made if he had scored the own goal. As it turns out, he scores the equaliser with a long range shot off the post. That’s never really been his forte, the odd strike against Liverpool or Bolton aside. Utd obviously thought similarly, as they didn’t close him down.

Clive Tyldesley: “Modric has scored at Old Trafford for Spurs, but it wasn’t as important as this.” He can expect a turd in an envelope from me within the next few days.

Madrid are properly ahead as Ronaldo turns in at the far post; doesn’t celebrate, as is the way of things these days.

Evra waiting to take a throw in, so the director sees an opportunity to focus on the match ball and do some advertising for UEFA.

Rooney is on, could see him kicking out at someone as time dwindles away.

Pepe is on, almost nailed on that he will kick out at someone.

Great save by Lopez from a point blank header; a goal there would have set up a grandstand last few minutes. He saves again as van Persie advances on him, the Rooney hooks over.

Pepe gets booked for not retreating from a free kick. Compared to his usual misdemeanours, it’s quite soft for him.

Lopez gets pushed by van Persie, throws the ball out and then goes down. Not sure why time wasting is needed; the game is well in hand.

And again he makes a great save, as Vidic bullets a header from a corner. People thought he’d be the weak link, but he’s shown his worth tonight. I would still assume that Casillas will be back in soon now that he’s fit again.

Final whistle goes and Ferdinand sarcastically claps in the referee’s face as players crowd around him. Should be an obvious red card.
Chiles’ sign-off before the ad break is so pithy it almost breaks my TV. It’s a bad decision for people who are used to watching English football, but won’t raise a ripple overseas.

Trust Mourinho to surprise people with his interview, saying the best team lost and Utd deserved to win based on performance. He also walks off once he’s said his piece.

Quite a bit of discussion in the studio about the red card. They’re arguing but seem to be saying the same thing. Keane and Southgate particularly go at each other about it, and they have their own personal history involving the connection of feet and chests of course.

So the TV coverage is over, but we haven’t heard the last of tonight. The facts are, however, that Man Utd are out of the Champion’s League. Guess Ferguson won’t be retiring after all then.