by Ben Bowler

For temporarily turning into Dracula Liverpool star striker Luis Suarez has been fined by his club and some pundits have even suggested his days could be numbered at Anfield.

There’s no doubting his ability, as the 30 goals he scored this season underline his massive potential to turn a game on its head and bring success to Liverpool. But with this moment of madness, which is the latest in a long line of controversial incidents that have blighted his Reds career, club chiefs may feel now is the time to cash in.

Back in November 2010, just a few months before Suarez came to Anfield, he was suspended for biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal while playing for Ajax. But apparently, his seven-game ban didn’t teach him anything. This shows Luis Suarez just simply doesn’t have the mental attributes to be a mature professional football player. His actions overshadow his teammates hard work and determination, which in my honest opinion is destroying the club’s good reputation amongst English football fans. Liverpool are a historic club with a lot of positive press, but lately this has all been clouded up by one man: Luis Suarez. His constant ridiculous actions have ruined what could have been good publicity for the red men, something which won’t go down well with boss Brendan Rodgers.

Liverpool are in a difficult situation, though.

Suarez has been the squad’s best player since he arrived at Anfield in January 2011, and many Reds fans will shudder to think where the club would be without their PFA Player of the Year nominee.

Does Liverpool, a club with 18 league titles and five European Cups, want this player representing them? A player who clearly can’t go more than a few months without attracting even more controversy?

Handballs and dives are typical in football, and all players are guilty of them at some point (some more than others). Racial abuse and biting are a different game entirely.

No player is bigger than a football club, and Luis Suarez really has brought shame upon Liverpool and it leaves you wondering how thin is Brendan Rodgers’ patience wearing. In my opinion, it’s pretty clear to me it’s time to sell this disgrace of a footballer. He is a liability to the club and the fans, making the whole thing an absolute shame. You wouldn’t see players like Jordan Henderson behaving like this, so why does Suarez feel the need to do this? Quite simply because he has a bad attitude. It’s time for Rodgers to decide if Suarez is really worth all of this bad publicity; in my opinion, he certainly isn’t.

He needs to be shown the door, because Luis Suarez just isn’t worth the toothache for Liverpool anymore. When a player starts to feel he’s bigger than the club, that’s when it’s time to let go. Do the right thing Brendan, get rid and with the vast fee that would prompt bring a striker in who scores as many goals but attracts far less ill-feeling.